Dumb Thee Down – Up the Hatch

So easily spewed, yet so hard to swallow. Ah, needing to vomit in one’s own mouth upon non-retentive offerings. Podia wise, the breakfast of champions. For those to have crossed any sort of finished line anyways. Consumptive cookery, a constant ringing of that dinning bell. Apocalypse Now Reflux: “I hate the smell of stay-calm in the morning!” Audibly acidic, synaptically bulimic, no matter the mealy helping. To think, some binge upon that wake induced viewing of rigor mortis colonoscopic purging. A medium for the ages, right between obscenely minuscule and hideously nonexistent. Call it a Union of the State Address plus a side of the Commercial Front line casualties. Saliently nursed and doctored, terminally ill – CBC (Canadian Brainwashing Corporation) & fiends. Welcome to the chatter chunder.

Staged of the Out-House

So vile have those Romanov-revivalist “Windsor’s” become that Kate and the Mein Kampf triplets being ceremoniously dangled in a public panzerfaust pander-fest of public relations blitzkrieg under the coordinated Photoshop folly full frontal gin and Teutonic assaulting. OMG, look at that edited sleeve and uneven zipper! Oh, how cute those little monsters are. Never mind the reptilian scaliness and centuries of genocide planning & profiteering. Somebody had better do a background check and see if little Prince George is packing a junior NSDAP membership card. Yes, like Queen Charles the Turd’s immensely diseased phallus in an immediate family member, this Kate & Co photo was preemptively planned and planted for an undeserved, continually faltering degenerative familial elongation process.

Well, at least we now know that Princess Kate is alive after her recent abdominal surgery, though one wonders if Kate’s neuroses has finally taken hold after quite realizing the “royal” mess to which she has gotten herself into, by means of her pica disorder finally coming to light after having a pound of thirty one types of pubic hairs, one 10 karat diamond, seventeen ice cream cone lapel pins with a J & B in each of the two scoops of ice cream, six keys to the Bank of England, fourteen Iron Cross war medals, six solid gold Ben Wa balls, seven laminated NSDAP membership cards, two ivory butt-plugs imbued with Queen Charles the Turds official seal, eight Build Back Better tie clips, four 5 karat rubies, thirteen and a half pairs of CIA cuff links, Winston Churchill’s monocle, forty seven teeth from officially confirmed missing underage children, Hitler’s moustache, five Syracuse decadrachms, the Holy Grail, Heinrich Himmler’s glasses, seven versions of microfilm with WWIII implementation instructions, nine Star of David pendants carved from the skulls of Palestinian babies, fourteen SS totenkopf rings, eleven gin bottle caps, a disassembled Walther PP with MI-5 markings, and sixty seven buttons from “royal” guard uniforms to name a few of the less elaborate items to be removed from Kate’s abdomen. Oh, and one gold Canadian Maple Leaf coin, making Kate a greater holder of gold than the Bank of Canada, go figure.

Grenouille Bouille Sodomie

That little moron was a little more on. A little moron what? That’s right, a buggery swallowing boiled frog, rib-it rib-it. A little more on what? More on board officially kicking off World War Three. Qui d’autre qu’un tel gâteau aux fruits Français? Emmanuel ‘rib-it rib-it’ Macron of course. The French “leader” finds himself in a terrible crisis of the ages, such being that his grandmother wife Brigitte Trogneux, 24 years his senior, has finally reached the age where performing her residential presidential duties; namely that of donning the “royal,” officially ribbed sceptre strap-on dildo has become too enduring a task to finish her short or long term Chunneling obligations, leaving Emmanuel ‘rib-it rib-it’ Macron unpleasantly dissatisfied and eager to take out his emasculate frustrations upon firstly French military personnel, and subsequently the millions more NATO soldiers and innocent civilians the world over set for evaporative eradication once NATO (North Atlantic Terror Organization) ramps up the hostilities due to Macrons insatiably unfulfilled and ribbed for his pleasure “royal sceptre” appetite. Rib-it rib-it!

Grenouille Bouille – Rib-it Rib-it

Other than Joe Biden & Co surely there are no greater confused mongoloids than the European political and aristocratic establishment, who live in such a degenerate mind-froth, believing that coordinatively sending in excess of a quarter trillion US dollars of weapons and financial aid, along with military advisers, battle tactics, literal boots on the ground in UKraine, along with endless propaganda somehow leaves them as not being a party to the military conflict at hand. Some would certainly label such demented “thinking” as that of collective psychopathy in a troupe of career criminals already to have been botcherly lobotomized to the threshold of it not being able to recognize its own reflective gaze in the mirror yet being put in command of the collective public at large. Though to straight up call it mental retardation sure sits better in my books. Geez, what could possibly go wrong? Rib-it rib-it!

Such a “royal” French political prostitute, rib-it rib-it, dangling the future while angling the trajectory. He puts his left foot in, he puts his left foot out, he puts his left foot in, and he shakes it all about, he does the UKie pokey and he turns the West around, that’s what its all about! And they are probably ignorant enough to believe their own vacated vagaries. NATO countries and the West in general have doubled, tripled, quadrupled, quintupled down to further sacrifice their fiscal sanity, populations safety, economic prosperity, world standing, minuscule competency, geopolitical illiteracy, defensive weaponry… in an effort to destabilize and attempt at conquering, for literal Old World imperial hegemonic barbarism, Russia’s natural resources and geographical location entirety in a decades long operation of which they failingly cut their regime change teeth on meagre foes including AK-47 toting sand dwellers, and have not only stalled in their UKrainian goals, but are moving backwards against a willingly nuclear armed enemy literally making its last stand against the greatest terrorist organization the world has ever known, all the while surely knowing most assuringly, all of their nothingness, including their Globalist “democracy” hangs in the balance of the schizophrenic incompetence displayed for anyone paying attention to critique analogy-wise as but mere toddlers throwing sand in the sandbox while proclaiming to be kings of the world. So the question is, are these imperial slobs going to tuck-tail, admit their folly, let sanity prevail, relinquish some necessary incompetence and think of peace and prosperity? Well if the future is any indication of the past, expect stratospheric ash clouds, blinding bursts of light and ungodly marshmallow factory roasting phenomena totality. These Western dolts have nowhere to go but down and they seem incapable of getting there on wise decisions. That French fruitcake Macron was just planting the radioactive seed to introductory furrow some brows. It seems “NATO” prostitute puppets will find a way to get jackboots en large upon  UKrainian ground by any treacherous means necessary. Rib-it rib-it!

Haitian Damnation

Forget about the Haitian shuffle, it is time for a not so fun session of gambling with one’s own life in a sickly game of 4000+ Pick-Up, as that is around the number of Haitian criminals to have been recently broken out of Hait’s two largest prisons by roving gangs of depraved lost souls cannibalizing their geographical location entirety; while in the front of their rampant thuggery thoroughly decrepit minds believing to be in some form of freedom struggle where a criminal contingent, themselves, are just a few leaps and signatories away from creating a Haitian, well, at least semi-paradise, right? Okay, would you believe they believe that they will rape, pillage, steal, smash, ingest copious amounts of narcotics at will until they are recognized internationally as a legitimate player in the political scene? Yeah, sounds about right. Such is the gangbangers paradise after all. Ghettoization of the mind into vile societal projection. Voila!

What a disaster, a decades long disaster, and no doubt clearly an even larger disaster waiting in the miasmic reek of geopolitical posturing seemed dead set at assuring Haiti remains a torn-zone borne of Empire du Jour likeability. And to think, good old USA! USA! USA! was dead set on Cana-duh playing the leading role in becoming bogged down into would would certainly be nothing other than a perpetual Haitian nightmare, and most certainly on the grounds of luring Cana-duh into a no win situation (CR warned over a year ago) as some form of macabre retribution for forming alternate opinions to the terror regime of DC ejection apparatus. Thank goodness Cana-duh refused to be the mark.

Certainly it would make more sense if African troops (need one really elaborate?) were to play some role in the needed assistance to a Haitian cause, if the Empire du Jour were to be permanently removed from assuring Haiti, the first true African-led republic, remain a stagnant catastrophe of heightened despair. Kenya was poised to take the leading role in aiding Haiti security-wise; was being the ultimate description, as even now Kenya has come to realize the abject insanity it would be to send a meagre force into such a whirlwind of concurrent deceit. If only Haiti had oil reserves, the US would be on it like Joe Biden on a giant novelty size ice cream cone.

Anyone else have the feeling that Joe Biden’s Airforce One and limousine smells like children’s tears?

One might ponder if there ever was truly the justified need of a supposed “Coalition Of The Willing” to bring actual needed stability to a deserving geographical location, Haiti would most certainly be it of the Western Hemisphere. And to go even further, would not but a mere fraction of the over QUARTER TRILLION wasted US dollars of egregious Western blood-money sent to catastrophically, and more than likely radioactively, commit the collective suicide of Western governments at large have gone to a more productive effort in aiding Haiti and giving it the needed boost to get back on its feet? Well, as Victoria Nuland and the rest of Western aristocracy might say, “Fuck the Haiti, we prefer UKrainian blood and brains spattered in that European theatre of imperial string pulling!”