The dictionary meaning of stooge is: any underling, assistant, or accomplice.

The dictionary meaning of parasite is: someone or something that resembles a biological parasite in living off of, being dependent on, or exploiting another while giving little or nothing in return.

Being a subject of the Canadian government and Canadian by birth, I will elaborate on three Canadian parasitic stooges in high places that are currently engaged in what some might describe, as possibly, a lack of conscience(sociopathy), a violation of moral responsibility to their country and the citizens(subjects) within said country’s borders, or some might even call it straight up treason due to the actions of attempting to undermine their own country’s sovereignty by conspiring with international institutions with the end goal of placing greater control of their country’s course of actions and policies into the controlling death grip of globalist international institutions, and in the process taking ever more participatory choice, freedom and sovereign wealth away from the greatest resource that a country possesses, its citizenry.

Though I chose to report on parasitic stooges from my home country of Canada, there is a highly likely chance that whatever your country of origin, that it too has parasitic stooges in high places suckling on the poisoned tit of what may be described as a globalist network consisting of a revolving door orgy(you are the ones being screwed) between government, international institutions, corporate banking behemoths, and transnational corporations, where the parasitic stooge offenders congregate in closed, backroom meetings, plotting their sinister intentions and ways of deceptively marketing their schemes as, inclusive, egalitarian, sustainable, democratic, equitable, blah blah blah, all the while consolidating power and influence into THEIR  ever constricting sleight of hands, instead of giving the world and truly sovereign countries what they desperately need, mass participation and a voice to EVERYBODY from ALL walks of life, by setting up a TRUE/DIRECT DEMOCRACY system that enables countries most important resource, its people, a chance to exercise their voice once given non-propagandized information.

It must be noted that this globalist cabal perversion of government, international institution, corporate banking and transnational corporation melange has been going on for many decades now, and according to their own recent utterances, the world has become less hospitable, corruption has skyrocketed, debt is out of control, inequality for the little guys/girls has increased, systemic malfunction is increasing…….Yet these entities are delusional enough to transmit the idea that if we just give them more power, then the decades of their previous global mismanagement will magically be transformed into a utopian paradise for all to own a unicorn, follow a leprechaun to their pot of 24k gold, find their glass slipper and then kiss the frog of change to live spectacularly ever after in the land of pleasant bliss.

Personally, I am just saying that their reign of incompetence deserves to be reversed, dismantled and that it is passed the time for a TRUE/DIRECT DEMOCRACY system to be put in place to give the passengers a say as to where the currently hijacked vehicle is heading. TRUE/DIRECT DEMOCRACY is a basic and highly engaging and liberating construct for meaningful participation for everybody is it not?

Maybe it is time to ask the question, why do governments, international institutions, corporate banking and transnational corporations, and, quite curiously, the mainstream/state media, never even broach the notion of TRUE/DIRECT DEMOCRACY? Surely the job and construct for media to exist is so that they can ask tough, objective questions to those at the top of the power structure is it not? Or are the corporate/state media in existence to strictly give credence to the structure of ignorance and illusion that the predatory melange of government, international institutions, corporate banking and transnational corporations represent and bring forth into this propagandized world? It would surely seem to be that way.

This article will be focusing on the relationship between the parasitic stooges and the international institutions that they are muddled up with in their attempt to trap the population into a nightmare of strictly digital currencies, trapping citizens in a fully trackable and weaponized monetary system that is aiming to take away the vehicle and means of privacy, freedom, liberty and basic self expression and in the process steal our dignity and the most critical form of protest society possesses, plus our ability to voice and enact discontent against government and banking mismanagement of society and the economy in general. That vehicle is of course, cash money.


Of course the global digitalization these institutions are pushing for are being portrayed as anti corruption through Digital Ledger Technology(blockchain) so that there is a record of every transaction. Of course this DLT rough framework is very vague and does not guarantee anyone will be able to read the ledger, unless of course, they may possibly be a higher up in one of these international institutions. Again, just another ruse by power players to feign equality, fairness and accountability, until they get their control system and turn it against those who do not submit to their diktat. In reality, international institutions like The IMF, WEF and World Bank are just a means to infiltrate sovereign countries economic and political systems with the added benefit of gaining control of Federal politicians and opening up avenues for a country’s wealth to be siphoned off by transnational companies, and major banking and corporate interests.

Perhaps every country should have a Digital Ledger Technology system for sovereign government spending, accessible to anyone with a social insurance number of said country, for the ability to have checks and balances against sovereign government corruption and to have public access of how much tax money came in and where did every single dollar of it go. Forget this DLT NONSENSE of the overseer being international institutions. Let an educated, logical and enlightened citizenship take back control of their respective countries for the benefit of their country.

Is it not highly suspicious and frightening that The World Economic Forum has on its board people from international institutions like The IMF, World Bank, inept, sitting and former politicians, central bank governors and corporate banking corporation representatives that have bungled the global monetary system so badly that virtually every single country in the world is in debt to the tune of multiple billions, and into the trillions of dollars. The corporate banks blew themselves up at the green light of government approval only to be unfairly bailed out by hard working citizens like you and I, and the central bankers bungled monetary policy to the point of getting the entire world hooked on historically low interest rates(punishing responsible people in the process,) to the point of if interest rates rise then the entire world will not be able to service the debt trap that they are snared within. Now the conglomeration of completely incompetent personnel from The IMF, World Bank, Central Banks, corporate banks, and morally bankrupt politicians have joined what has to be the most incompetent, perverted club in the history of the world called, The World Economic Forum, to engage in THEIR “Great Reset” with the goal of trapping the entire world in a digital control mechanism so that they can unleash even greater levels of incompetence than they have done in the past decades. And all this to save the world and bring equality to all!?!? Forget calling this institutional complete nightmare the WEF, we need to call it the WTF! WHAT THE F*CK IS HAPPENING HERE? SERIOUSLY!

The World Economic Forum is jam packed with filthy rich power players falsely screaming about equality, all the while increasing their fortunes as they end up with saturated pieces of the pie as countries implement business policies that enrich corporations and contacts interacting with the WEF. Board members of The WEF include, politicians, currently sitting and past, former International Monetary Fund managing directors , World Bank CEO’s and underlings, major corporate banking employees like Bank of America and Goldman Sachs, transnational corporation heads such as Nestle,Siemens, and Accenture(tax dodger) Council of Foreign Relations board members, current and past central bank heads including the European Central Bank, Bank of England, Dutch Central Bank and Bank of Canada.

Is the Writing On the Wall?

Under Prime Minister Truedope, Canada has stepped on the electronic gas pedal, racing to bring a privacy, freedom, liberty and protest stealing, Canadian digital dollar, otherwise known as a Central Bank Digital Currency into existence, quite probably to begin a phaseout of our current polymer bank notes(cash).

Under the cover of a propagandized and politicized pandemic, the Truedope’s government, for the first time since 1935, took legal tender status away from some Canadian currency, leaving the nickel, dime, quarter, loonie, toonie, five, ten, twenty, fifty and hundred dollar bills in circulation to be used.

According to the new legislation, it now leaves the Canadian government the ability to remove any other cash currency that they so chose, at the time that they choose, without agreement by Canadian citizens. Where is true/direct democracy when you need it? Oh yeah, politicians does not care what we think! One could extrapolate that the next bills to go will be the $100 bills and then the $50 bills, as it will be claimed that they are almost exclusively used by criminals. If they come for the $100 bills it is time to grab your sharpened pitchfork and begin thinking about participating in the extracurricular activity of a nation wide defenestration marathon!

Months ago in my previous Bank of Canada website reading I remember there being a statement along the lines of, “as long as Canadians continue to call for the use of cash, the Bank of Canada will continue to supply it.” I have no longer been able to find that past statement. Remember, politicians and bureaucrats are professional liars. In British Columbia, our Health minister claimed that she would never mandate masks for the covid debacle, and a week later masks were deemed mandatory. I am sure you can think of many other examples of lies told by politicians in the past.

Of course Canada is waiting for the “G-7” to coordinate with them as to when to unleash the future beast of captivity that a Central Bank Digital Currency will become for the populace that sleepwalks into its shackles, enabling the politician puppets to permanently pull the rug out from the liberation, plus, check and balance that cash serves in holding incompetent government and banking policies in a counterforce of citizen protest against egregious dominating power. Do not forget, a CBDC is a “cash like” form of currency, not cash, in ANY WAY! A CBDC is FULLY TRACEABLE! Governments and their institutional puppet masters are coming for the most important check and balance that ordinary citizens have against tyranny. Remember, if no law is passed against canceling cash then politicians WILL eventually do it, it is just a matter of how long before they do do it! You have been warned!

Parasitic Stooges

Justin Truedope. The world has not seen a bigger patsy since George W. Bush. No doubt he was picked for his position due to his lack of critical thinking skills and therefore the ability to be led in any direction that the mirror on the institutional stick points him. That was a carrot and jackass analogy! It is quite surprising that a drama teacher would be such a terrible actor. The only thing the Truedope is good at is side skirting media and parliamentary questions in the chamber. What a pity that the Truedope let Klaus Schwab peg him with his personal currency.

The King of Canada has a net worth of around $10 million USD. Surely a person so concerned with equality for all and the plight of every poor and disadvantaged person in the world could find it in his pretending heart to make a whopping contribution to a charity of choice, or perhaps set up a foundation with all the wealth he possesses. Surely an extremely well off person like the Truedope could at least donate the exorbitant amount of money he makes in speaking fees alone. In 2007 he raked in $467,000 USD alone.

Oops, forgot about the recent We Charity scandal and the hundreds of thousands of dollars that the Truedope family raked in for speaking engagements while giving a now defunct $900 million dollar sole bidder contract to the “charity” his family took the bribes from. Strange how the ones constantly babbling on about equality for all and the plight of disadvantaged people are never quite willing to share their oversized piece of the corrupt pie and give a morsel to the ones they are supposedly fighting for.

Chrystia Freeland. The Truedope must have learned everything he knows about deflecting questions from the queen herself. Did they not name a type of dance around politicians, the sidestep? However Chrystia sure is adept at distracting the hypnotized population with deceiving policies such as $30 billion in “free” early child care development over 5 years. Where does the government keep these “free money” trees? I would like to take a few clones for myself.

Here is a woman that is a sitting Deputy Prime Minister, as well as a zero qualifications Finance Minister, replacing her predecessor who resigned because of not wanting anything to do with Truedopes childish economic policies that skyrocketed Canada’s national debt into over 1.1 Trillion dollars. Why would I be thrown in jail for the same monetary Ponzi schemes that the government partakes in?

One might think it a conflict of interest, or perhaps even a national security threat that a sitting Deputy Prime Minister and sitting Finance Minister would be an active board member on an international institution the likes of the World Economic Forum. But that is exactly what the Freeland is up to.

Though I suppose she exerts very little competence and time governing for the benefit of her subjects, which leaves her open for laying the tracks to the fascist fourth industrial revolution that the World Economic Forum is busy attempting to bring to fruition. Yes, the 4th industrial revolution, where the WEF, IMF, World Bank, transnational corporations, corporate banking and governments headed by paid off politician puppets join forces to further consolidate control of the world and exert digital control systems over ALL citizens of the globe in order to line their pockets in the highly marketed psychobabble of equality for all.

If Freeland is not shamed out of political life and her power hungry nightmare of becoming the next Prime Minister, it will be interesting to see what form her back is scratched in return from her affiliation with the WEF.

Mark Carney. Like I said before, anyone who knows A Carney realizes the game is rigged. The thing about a rigged game is the house, or in this game, the institutions always win, while the little guy/girl forks over exorbitant amounts of money only to walk away with either nothing or a poorly constructed piece of crap in one form or another, while the institutions and its hucksters laugh all the way to the bank.

That’s what the Carney is, a banker. He has gone from the revolving door of Goldman Sachs to government perversion. After Goldman, The Carney went on to head the Bank of Canada and then on to the Bank of England, where he is the first non Briton to head the bank since its founding in 1694. Wow, he must be in deep with the globalist cabal hucksters. Damn Carneys!

The Carney has since been appointed United Nations special envoy for climate action and finance, as well as being vice chairman at Brookfield Asset Management, is a chairman of the Financial Stability Board, on the board of Bank for International Settlements(BIS), and chairman of Group of Thirty,  and has recently become a board member of the Irish fintech company Stripe.

But wait, there is more. You may have guessed my theme of these stooges I write about. That’s right, the Carney is on the board of trustees, at, yes, the World Economic Forum. Guess the Carney is using all the inside knowledge of his corporate bank, central bank, BIS, institutional and fintech experience to aid the conglomeration of international institutions, corporate banking, central banking, transnational corporations and politician puppets in their attempt to gain control of the globalist digital control system in order to enact this fourth industrial revolution in order to roll out their digital control apparatus and trap humanity in its perverted web of deceit.

Let me not forget that the Carney is also a multi millionaire and quite enjoys elaborating on the inequality of the disadvantaged, all the while guarding and growing his personal fortune. Yes, if the cabal succeeds, the Carney will be part of the institutional gang along with the Truedope and Freeland with access to the Digital Ledger Technology that will be used to destroy adversaries who they deem as hostile to their diktat and global domination party.

I suppose the last thing you and I should do is worry about being trapped in a digital control system, because the World Economic Forum and the international institutions, central banks, corporate banks, transnational corporations and politician puppets in cahoots are strictly in this whole elaborate ruse for the sole purpose of making the little guy/girl “equal.” Equal to what, I do not know, they will never say.

Whatever you do, do not look into their past decades of mismanagement of everything they have been involved in and extrapolate that to the future. Because this time will be different! These people and their institutions really do care immensely about you and your families and are in no way engaged in this ploy to enrich themselves and gain immense power over controlling the world.

And definitely do not even harbour the thought of wanting to determine your own future and have a truly participatory role in the town, city, province, state, territory, country, world and universe in which you dwell by partaking in a true/direct democracy political system. Because that would would be the most selfish and inequitable thing that a psychopathic sadistic mind could think of. Shame on you!