Seventeen Seventy Sick

People who read my writings must think to some degree that I have a certain disdain for the United States of America. To that I would say the empire must be separated from the country. Though the concept and construct of the the USA is a multifaceted issue with not enough time to go into today, the initial formation of the USA through the overthrow of monarchy and a constitution to constrain the barbarity that government always resorts to, in my opinion, was one of the greatest achievements in history. Sadly the empire du jour outgrew it, and is now a distant construct much in need of a revival.

Unfortunately, what the Founding Fathers and those who paid with their blood and lives to achieve such a monumental construct, has not only come full circle to the tyranny that they initially overcame by overthrowing the “royalty,” it has surpassed it in immeasurable psychopathic perversity. Empires it did absorb, certainly more than one. Unfortunately behind any throne of empire, lurks, demonic evil incarnate. So we live, with the veneer that seems to dazzle the abjectly unaware “participators.” Remember, the core of a veneer construct is cheap filler.

Empires. Projecting insanity as normalcy within its own bounds and exporting that projection all the way to the tributes until that veneerial disease afflicts the subjects afar. Currency, print, town criers, radio, tv, school, internet, it matters not, actually, it matters all, to project that filler of propaganda to support the veneer of truth built on the substrate of lies that is the lifeblood to the “living.” They escape not, there is nothing to escape from. Then the tributes want to reproduce the crap that was projected onto them. Look, something shiny and distracting! A polished turd is still a turd!

Forget ignorance, unawareness truly must be bliss, or are they one and the same? Perhaps the unawareness sprouts and grows from the ignorance of the state of the mind that flourishes from the mind of the state. Fare well in the welfare state? Not so much. Those empires, they want not the peasants to think critically. A distracted peasant is fertilizer for the empire. Look, something shiny, the projection of the empire in a two way mirror. The cavernous dark room be either out of view or off limits for most. Something shiny, create that fantasy!

It also must not be looked past how the USA accepted individuals from every country in the world, with the chance of working to achieve a better life and accomplish great objectives. Ah, the good old days, when all members of society had a backbone and were self reliant, where personal accountability and reliability reigned supreme. Now the West, the welfare state, where since, ever increasing numbers truly do not fare so well. Hooked on government, to be used as a statistic, to wield as a weapon, in order carry out globalist agendas.

Foreshadowing. Canada could be right up there with the original construct of the nation of nations. It is never too late to cast out the monarchy and deny the empire. Adios Prince Andrew. Please, no looking back Canada. Time for some coitus interruptus Canada. One way coitus that is. How about some True/direct democracy in the devil’s front yard. That would be enlightening. What would the world think if Beelzebub hurled fire and brimstone upon the peaceful land of maple syrup? Time for a royal flush!

Intel Actual?

Ukraine, we’re getting there. Shortest route of a nuclear warhead, to Russia. You crane the neck, East or West? Whiplash and regrets, a trapped child captive in the pedophiles basement. Sovereignty no more.

Intellectually speaking, as they many times do, about moot points, quite often a waste of alphabet, words, sentences, and subsequent non-sensical statements on “intentions.” Soviet Union go bye-bye, other empire says hi guys. “Just let me put the tip in.” Ah, the shaft always comes next! Infiltrate, penetrate, then confiscate, sovereignty that is, well, used to be. Abuser, abused. Violated, to the empire du jour, matters not.

NATO, “not one inch to the East,” was one of the “broken” promises from the empire du jour to Russian leaders as the Soviet block was crumbling. Some promise, surely at least worth being put in writing with many a signatories, no? Some would think so. It is not like a rapacious empire du jour would renege on a promise would they? “Just the tip, I promise.”

I mean it is not like 45 years behind an iron curtain could possibly possess the abused to be blinded by all those shiny things that the pimp uses to lure the naive into becoming a prostitute without realizing that the saviour is itself an abuser. “C’mon, these guys eat bread seven days a week, what could they possibly want from us?”  “Your Sovereignty, Spread em.” Only the tip! Politician puppets, more than footloose! They spread em! In Europe, inches are out, they prefer meters. Hundreds of kilometres actually. NATO penetration!

Want to bore oneself with the promises of a rapacious empire du jour salivating over the capitulation of its checks and balances, then read THESE DOCUMENTS. I promise it is better than sex! Being raped is sex! One will not find anything other than memoranda of conversations within said documents. Memoranda is informal, and informal is not official, not official is a promise to be easily broken. Russia has been officially shafted by unofficial promises of the empire du jour. The sexual predator is now on Russia’s doorstep with a gang of eunuchs. Suicidal eunuchs. Just the tip – meet chastity belt.

No Means No

In the past I have written a little about how Vladimir Putin came to be a true leader of a preyed upon Russia. In doing so, he and his fellow political compatriots saved the country from infiltration and subsequent cultural, resource and financial rape by the empire du jour. One could call Russia the moral high ground, though that imperial construct, through its shiny projections of media lies, has insidiously sold rape as a loving relationship. Europe is full of eunuch puppets to parrot the propaganda.

For those who think NATO is a moral “defensive” organization, ask Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya about the morality of having their countries decimated by NATO members so arms manufacturers and globalist institutions such as the World Bank and IMF could infiltrate and profit from genocide passed off as spreading democracy. Need I remind that Russia was the reason for the defeat of ISIS while NATO countries supported ISIS and other terrorist organizations in Syria.

NATO has become not much more than a way for the empire du jour to violently eliminate those who refuse to be penetrated by the empire du jour. Now NATO(USA) has created another eunuch to serve the empire. Enter Ukraine, the empire did, massive penetration. Ukraine will not walk properly for a while. So much so that Russia’s sovereignty has been threatened. To prevent a rape surely one must act in self defence?

Ben Dover

Suppose Russia were to fly into the empire du jours back yard of Haiti, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Jamaica, Mexico, install some Russian backed puppets as leaders, take over, or build military bases. Maybe, say, store dozens of Russian nukes, or other long range missiles on these bases under the guise of keeping said participatory countries safe. Kind of a crazy concept, no? Would the empire du jour tolerate such behaviour?

Now with a ring of thermonuclear fire on the empire du jours doorstep, suppose that Canadians rightly chose to overthrow the globalist prime minister, Just-him Truedope, so as to have a chance of being the master of ones own destiny. Suppose as the disgraced PM turned tail and ran to his masters in Davos, a Russian delegation flew into Canada, infiltrated Canada’s governmental regime and began sabotaging the trade and political relationship with Canada’s historical friend and greatest historical trading partner, the US. All for democracy of course! Yeah, Canada would end up being the 51st state in no time flat.

Just-him Truedope

In reality, the above scenario is what has been transpiring in Europe for 30+ years now with the empire du jour and its totally subservient political puppet eunuchs. After WWII, the empire du jour just infiltrated what the Nazi’s had, never leaving Europe, while the Soviets had their own lackeys until the system collapsed, then the empire, under NATO cover has been hoovering up sovereignty and resources in gluttonous fashion ever since. There is no such thing as an independent Europe, and the recent Russia – US talks blatantly prove so.

Castratos Without a Voice

For weeks the Western media has been trumpeting the tune of the Russian devil. Everything from, Putin wants to rebuild the Soviet empire, Russian invasion of Ukraine is imminent, a Russian false flag is a foregone conclusion, defence of Russian citizens in Eastern Ukraine to be used as escalation tactic by Russia…..Sounds like the empire du jour has all of its bases covered. Now whatever happens in Ukraine, and it will happen, will strictly be the machinations of Putin the devil.

Never mind that for years the Kremlin has been attempting peaceful dialog for country sovereignty the world over while “NATO” bombs into oblivion, for democracy of course. Now as the empire du jour ships weapon after weapon to Ukraine, and has been training Ukrainians in military tactics, the troops that Russia has stationed in its own territory as a show of sovereignty and an unwillingness to take the tip, let alone the shaft, is endlessly repeated as Russian aggression.

For the past week plus there have been meetings about the fate of the destiny of Ukrainian-Russian-NATO brouhaha. The odd thing about these talks is that neither the Ukraine nor twenty nine of the other NATO members have been invited to participate. Strictly and comically the US is “representing” the interests of every single country in NATO and Ukraine. Like I said before, rapist and eunuchs. Will there be some necrophilia?

It is plain as day that the empire du jour makes all decisions when it comes to NATO and “European” objectives. If war breaks out it will be due to the actions of NATO(US) aggression. The US has reached the point of having to continue the objective of infiltrating Russian territory in order to capture and harvest more resources for the empire du jour to perpetuate insanity, along with profit for the partners and stakeholders. The empire might be willing to unleash insanity. Anyone ever truly look into general Milley’s eyes? Not much humanity there, or many other places in the empire.

Ukraine, perhaps it is time to realize that if you were not on the border of Russia, NATO(US) would have absolutely zero interest in your country, and you are in fact the sacrificial lamb of the US, whereas Russia lets you graze on its greener pastures and maybe shears you once or twice a year. Prepare to become mutton chops.

De-Feet the Empire

Most European leaders are all too willing to not only give the US two legs to stand on in the complete domination of their sovereignty, they literally bend over backwards to throw themselves under the uranium shod clodhoppers in order to cushion the predation and then feverishly beg for an infinitized expansion of girth and length of the penetrating violation.

Yet when one travels to Europe and speaks to the average citizen they are clearly cognizant of the role that the empire du jour plays in inhibiting decency, morality and general world safety. Surely there has to be more than European politicians caught in compromising positions, monumental bribes, or wide mouth mason jars full of politicians testicles kept on display at every US Embassy in Europe and around the globe?

If not, or either way, surely it is time for the European Spring, no? Perhaps the time has come to all disobey at the same time? Is Europe ready to risk annihilation by the actions of the empire du jour, so Ukraine, ranking 123rd on the corruption index can join “NATO” with an absolute benefit of nothing other than being a geographical area to again plant evermore US missile sites, with the ability to carry nuclear war heads, all in one of the laughable pretexts of countering Iranian missile capabilities, while in reality the empire just wants the Ukrainian flesh to viciously cozy up to Russia’s backside and geographically attempt at forcing that tip in order to complete the shaft.

Surely the militaries of the West, have, after this covid debacle, realized that their leaders in no way shape or form represent freedom, liberty, decency, common sense, morality, nor even sovereignty from a globalist nightmare, a nightmare that spent the past two years crushing the well being of every citizen trapped within their geographical location, no matter how limiting, strictly to impose government totalitarianism and create profits for the partners and stakeholders of the globalist cabal. Pfizer suppository anybody?

Yes Europeans, your politician puppet “leaders” may very well attempt to start a war with the moral “Boogey Man” Russia, all in an attempt to start a new fear and terror upon the populace, in order create even more chaos and prevent the citizenry from banding together and ending the covid drama. Two years of covid terror and their only out may be to bring true death and destruction to a street near you.

Cost of Being a Politician?

Military, if the empire du jour wants to escalate this nonsense any farther and risk a war on European soil, I would suggest refusing to be globalist pawns, surround every US embassy in Europe with military vehicles and personnel and begin expulsion immediately, then surround the respective governmental legislatures, and demand continent and worldwide new peace and prosperity treaties to be drawn up immediately, and do not leave until it comes to be.

Treaties along the lines of transitioning to a true/direct democracy, not allowing ones country to be infiltrated, occupied and dictated to by economic or “intelligence” operatives, every country is free to trade with any other country of their choosing, the only military base and subsequent usage of said base can only belong to and be used by the citizens of the country it is contained within, where acts of aggression and sabotage by one leads to an immediate dumping by all of the aggressors currency leaving it worthless, and said aggressor in immediate purgatory.

Treaties like such, and other national sovereignty frameworks that intelligent trailblazing individuals can think of to truly free themselves from the clutches of predatory imperial machinations that envelop our current world and worlds of past.

Beware those academics and many intellectuals though, they will ramble on for hours about something they read in an irrelevant book thirty years ago and how it applies to an antiquated construct that was theorized by a professor that worked for a university where the entire faculty debated for weeks about the merits of discussing the genealogy of the hypothesis that was overlooked by twelve doctorates then again put up for debate and amended by a class of honour roll interns where the subject was put into practice in a trial group of 55 with 11 cohorts so it is now fit to add it to university textbook and indoctrinate endless generations with.

Hard work, ingenuity and determination, it will take people, places, and even larger geographical areas to a better place. The current days of infiltration, graft and sabotage being enacted by the empire du jour and its loyal brainless puppet brigade surely cannot go on for much longer. Question is: how many are willing to follow all the way to hell?

In the old days, eunuchs might have risen to a fairly high position of importance or prestige, but in the end they were highly disposable by the power structure. It is time for the power structure to become the people. Todays eunuchs, they can dine on their own and other testicles in their padded cells as they quietly contemplate the willful insanity that they have subjected their countries and citizenry to for the past 60 years or so. God knows there has to be an endless supply of large wide mouth mason jars filled with politicians genetalia in the basement of every US embassy in existence.