GMO Bad Seeds

Guilty conscience, no quarrel, conscientiously guilty. Always acting the fool, well, a fool always acting anyways. The truth was coming, so he was going, for the lie. The coward chose covid camouflage. Now there is a set government produced pattern to hide from the world. Panic! Have a flag or two planted, grow some pathetic Nazi rhetoric and racist rumblings. Self projection no doubt. Clearly a bad seed. Time to weed the invasive feces. Latin name – Just-himula Truedopestre Brunneus Facies. A real bad plant from the World Economic Forum, a poisonous GMO(Globalist Masochistic Organization.)

The jig is up yet the Truedope carries on unashamedly. Klauscovid mandates continue, even when the Truedope’s excuse to hide from the trucker convoy and plant his face in Klaus’ lap proves the very existence of mandates to be a manufactured Pfizer, BlackRock…….enriching lie. Not to mention the globalist power-grab in gaining even further control of supposedly sovereign countries. Vaccines do not prevent people from getting covid, while most that do get covid have the equivalent of a cold or flu.

Surely it is no coincidence that Canada, Australia and New Zealand, all with extreme infiltration by Klaus Schwab, continue with the federal covid mandates, while many countries of the West have given up on the covid insanity. Said 3 countries are also the three leading Commonwealth countries in the world. Though probably just a coincidence ; ) Old Klaus is definitely the penetrator of sovereignty. Canada, let’s cut those puppet strings and recycle the puppet!

Truck a Doodle Do Truedope

For those around the world, perhaps it is time to understand that it takes a lot to get a Canadian riled up. The fact that that extraordinary amount of vehicles and the thousands of people to go along with it came together from right across the entire 5,500km East to West expanse of Canada is a testament to the amount of sheer government incompetence, bungling and overreach that has been assaulting Canadians for nearly two years.

From the thousands upon thousands of Canadians who lined overpasses and the sides of highways, feverishly cheering for hours on end in sub zero temperatures as the trucker convoy made its way to Ottawa, surely it must be apparent that it is not the fringe who are able to see past the uncivilized elimination of freedom, liberty, common sense, and body autonomy. There are millions of Canadians fed up with Truedope’s globalist nonsense.

No doubt for every one Canadian that made it out in public to show approval, there were many multiples more who would have liked to attend, though they were probably too busy dressing up in Nazi regalia while reading Mein Kampf for the thousandth time. Though in reality, work, sub zero temperature, family obligations, and a case of crushing covid depression probably kept many of the people in alternate geographical locations, though there in spirit. Not to mention the covid psychosis that has crippled many a minds due to the years long terror campaign unleashed by politicians and mainstream media. I know a few, while seeing dozens upon dozens everyday walking or driving alone wearing a mask.

For the Truedope to just run and hide upon the near arrival of the juggernautish convoy just proves what a cowardly, lying servile globalist puppet he is. Surely even a half intelligent person would have been able to articulate some facts about this “science” that is constantly repeated as being “followed.” If they would just admit that it was pseudo science it would be a start to reconciliation.

However, if these politician and bureaucratic clowns actually allowed a debate and introduction of fact based evidence and a true intellectual based discourse by non government professionals, it would actually lead those who are able to escape the mind of the state believe that there is actually some affiliation to an objective democratic process. Instead Canadians and the world get a propagandized 24 hour a day indoctrination campaign. Remember, we are being given “answers” that can not be questioned. Such is an intentional act of an authoritarian undemocratic government propped up by lies to further a hidden agenda, in the name of our safety of course.

Faceless Lies it is Time Face the Truth

To those with the state of mind unable to escape the mind of the state, and have undoubtedly gleefully lined up for the precious covid vaccinations and the booster, along with any subsequent booster for years to come when the government contacts one do so, feel free, be your own guest, then subsequently wear your mask or masks wherever and whenever you want for as long as you want, then when you get covid, continue to think that your government has been telling you the truth about vaccines and masks working to prevent covid. You are safe with your precious covid armour now, so leave everybody else alone, please.


Politician and bureaucratic pricks(third tier intellectuals), your turn. Everything that has been parroted by these incompetent nincompoops has been either wrong or an outright lie or deception to mislead society into carrying out a globalist agenda that they are probably too naive, ignorant, and incompetent to realize.

Hmm, the lockdowns that did not work, the face masks that do not stop the spread, the vaccines that do not prevent transmission, are questionable to whether they actually reduce symptoms in much of the population, and very well may even be depleting the immune system and making many people more susceptible to covid and other diseases. Enough government incompetency yet?

Government keeps mentioning this science that they are following. Is Klaus Schwab’s nickname Science? Seems like it must be, as that is the only logical explanation for what is clearly a ruse.

Oh, that’s right. Most of those dying from/with covid are extremely aged with multiple comorbidities, yet the media, state or commercial never mention this fact. Omission of truth to commit a globalist agenda an objective person might conclude? How about that up to 40% of those in hospital “for covid”  tested positive after being admitted for other reasons. Again, no truth from the mainstream media. Those vaccines have to be hyped and continuously injected, the globalist cabals profit depends on it!

Descent Into Madness

I am not actually calling anyone a Nazi, I am just pointing out how every country, territory, and city possesses the all obedience to state machinations, regardless of the madness that emanates from the top of the shit pile. Such madness ranges from Nazification, to our current covid cultism. End result, before long the rational, logical voices of reason are taken as vile contemptuous hatred, where the need to silence and eliminate the voices of reason infects the conglomerate state parasite that has, through sheer insanity, become the mind of the state hosting the nascent societal disease.

Surely a bit different of a scenario, but, it is quite easy to flip the Nazi analogy to the mentioned cult personalities of government, those unable to escape the government state of mind, and those who just go along due to following the herd when given empty government promises. Promises from an incompetent entity.

The unquestioning fanatical vaccine takers and mask wearers of today have become the overwhelming blob of society unable to question government authority, therefore unthinkingly, hand goes chest to sky – Heil whatever scuzzbucket and decrees! The personality of, go along with it because, hey, Bob, Guido, Lucy, Samantha, Raj…….are doing it. Things will be back to normal in no time!

Now the bulk of society gives the incompetent government the affirmation to expand excessive overreach and quell fundamental freedoms for everybody, while excessively punishing those who dare to think for themselves and have logical questions. Do not forget, questions who’s government answers are not allowed to be questioned.

Now those who refused to give in to authoritarian diktat are being labeled as racists, misogynists, a threat to society, whether society should even tolerate them, so their fundamental human right to fully participate in society, to travel freely, along with the ability at engaging in unfettered employment to guarantee the survival of oneself and ones family has been eliminated by a totalitarian government and many of it’s cheering pudding brained construct. Apartheid exists in 21st century Canada, how sad.

No wonder the globalist coward Truedope turned tail, ran and has done nothing other than making up falsehoods in an attempt to smear the millions of Canadians who have had enough of the tyranny of his World Economic Forum run agenda, and are lucky enough to have a willing and able segment of society stand up and make the necessary sacrifice to begin the last stand that is desperately needed to put an end to globalist covid tyranny, and hopefully those who are complicit in the criminal compliance.

Return to Sender

Canadians, perhaps it is time to make history, a history that will be remembered for thousands of years to come. Yes, true/direct democracy. Though a few Canadian provinces are either about to partially end some covid restrictions, many are still holding firm with the government tyranny that has been enflaming society for close to 2 years now. Along with the continued provincial diktat, the Truedope seems to have no plans to end his apartheid state and creeping marxist dystopia. Klaus must pay well.

The Truedope and his wicked witch of the World Economic Forum prostitute Chrystia Slaveland land have now engaged in an overtaking of the “private” banking regulations and have begun freezing peoples private bank accounts due to suspected freedom convoy ties. Those engaged in peaceful civil disobedience to quell excessive government overreach and an apartheid state are now being treated as terrorists.

Now having enacted the Emergencies Act, instead of ending the inhumane covid regiment Canadians have been assaulted with for the past two years, the Truedope is pretty much admitting to his own failure in running the country, where half of the provinces have not agreed with the invoking of the Emergencies Act. Surely now it is up to the millions of awake Canadians to put the Truedope and the Slaveland out of their political whoredom to the World Economic Forum and the disappearance of sovereignty and common sense that has followed such blind bribed obedience.

Again, to the woke Canadians. Nothing is stopping you from wearing as many masks, and getting as many vaccinations as you want, eat your heart out, just leave your insanity off of my and other freethinking persons. Clearly, in your head, following such covid diktat makes one covid proof, so problem solved, time to get back to society working for a greater common cause, true/direct democracy. Lets send the Truedope and Slaveland back to Klaus.

Canadian Spring

If the Truedope does not repeal his globalist federalist covid mandates soon, or even if he does, he may become faced with a true confrontation of his globalist shenanigans. The Freedom Convoy is not the end of the game, perhaps not even the horn to end the first period, it could just be the pregame warmup.

Canadians, many don their shorts when it reaches a balmy 10 degrees Celsius. Just think of all the urban camping that could happen in Ottawa when the Canadian Spring begins this spring. Sleeping in tents and cars. Why not use ones motorhome or trailer to take the family for a lesson in how to make Canada the first country to have its government sign into legislation the transition to a true/direct democracy system?

No doubt there are millions upon millions of freethinking Canadians that have come to realize that the globalist Truedope has not only overstepped decency, he has trampled it under the World Economic Forums boot. Apartheid in Canada, WTF? Though in reality, those living under other apartheid regimes actually had the right to use all modes of transportation to navigate the world, as well as at least having their own section or an entire business that catered to ones second class citizen status. So in reality, the Truedope and the wicked witch Slaveland have indeed created a political system that is even more oppressive and liberty stealing than apartheid was.

Of the millions of Canadians that have come to such a conclusion, for sure, belong to every class, religion, and ethnic background. There is no reason why Ottawa’s hotels could not be booked solid, whether the penthouse of the Chateau Laurier, to the $25 hostel in bum-town. The truckers started it, let the total diversity of Canada’s make up come together and begin the transition of Western countries to a political system where the population is able to participate in a meaningful way, not just picking a beholden globalist funded pathological liar every few years.

Chateau Laurier Ottawa – Come On Monied Class Partake in the True/Direct Democracy Revolution.

Personally, I would sacrifice my employment, drive the 4362km to Ottawa, eat cold beans out of a can and sleep in my car for a truly extended amount of time until my savings ran out. When government turns on the sprinklers out front of parliament in a ridiculous attempt to disperse the mass of entrenched freedom longing humanity, the pants come off to reveal my Speedo and I will thank the government for supplying me with a free shower. For those not wanting a free shower, just bring a traffic cone so as to contain the water(New Zealand Freedom Convoy trick.)

There is no doubt, if enough Canadians came together to rally peacefully in Ottawa we could make the absolutely needed drastic change of the globalist federalist system of lost sovereignty, humanity destroying debt, institutional penetration, and war for corporate profits, to name some of the many foundations of the West’s current structure.

Let us make Ottawa bulge at the seams 24 hours a day 7 days a week until Canada legislates the road to recovery, leaving the globalist poison in the rearview. Revolution by shiftwork! Besides, who does not want to see state and mainstream media put the final nail in their coffin as they label a crowd of one million multiple religions and ethnicities, consisting of women, men, teenagers, and children as mysoginistic, racist, bigoted, child hating, baby blood drinking, terrorist wack jobs.

The truckers got the early start and made it the winter of Truedope’s discontent. Spring officially starts on March 20th. Let the Canadian Spring turn into the Summer of Love with such statistical stamina that it leads to the Fall Heard Around The World.

See you there!