Boom Goes the Din-O’-Might

Things sure are heating up, though not in that climate fanaticism negligibly objectionable one sided linearly skewed line passing as white noise in the attempt to drone out the dynamic interconnected complexity of a multifaceted dimensionally diverse universal being that comes to understandably inhabit a planetary dwelling void of the all too runny aqueous induced subterfuge of government mind pudding solely responsible for the overbearing consequence of a zero cultured existence in doctrine nation.

Do not worry, well actually, do worry for the future, just not for the fact that the preceding paragraphical mention of governmental white noise and the endless drone of machinations used to obliterate reality, if such a notion of reality is seemingly even a possibility within so many a billions of worlds devoid of a truly universal cosmic appreciation, of which the ramifications for what seems to be the entire timeline of human “civilization” led the ignorant mass of fools to reside within and ultimately succumb to the after world of scorched earth, whether village, field, city, entire country, and now possible simultaneous dual-continental firestorms through the ignorant clenched fists of political puppet fools, will be expounded upon rightly, though yet very wrongly so.

Just what am I getting at? White noise and drones. It has been high flying that colloquial vocal focal, indubitably rhetorical that categorical horror show. White noise – that slavic sling-fest, one sidedly underwritten with Anglo-Saxon and muttonheaded(mutt) tag-team deliberateness. After all the continuation of the Empire Du Jour and its centuries long globalist rape fest of the earths resources and inhabitants hang perilously in the tattered and ever more tattering shreds of indignities enacted by the craven shameless political puppets selfishly serving their own bank accounts, along with the ever more diseased, non-debonair international institution priapism inhaling and fully penetrating any geographical location and accompanying orifices whether they be mineral, tidal, visual, audible, oral, nasal, or posterior, all of which ultimately end up in the categorical mind rape of the psyche of humanity. No, the Empire Du Jour cannot afford structurally, or just as importantly, psychologically, allow their all serving subservient political prostitute realms to engage in consensual relations with those of their choosing, nor release the asphyxiating iron fist of globalist control over everyday existence.

Spread Eagle Fission Chips & a Bear Trap Mark It?

Things are heating up alright! Not only is that Slavic & Saxon white noise getting louder, but the atmospheric conditions within numerically more geographical locations are warming more frequently, briefly, in the thousands of degrees range. Those conventional explosives go boom. Lest we forget about those thermobaric depopulation devices neither!? Now there is some foreshadowing, or elimination of shadows may be a more apt description. We can’t go nuclear yet. After all, Russian subs in the Atlantic could vaporize Washington D. C. along with the vile creatures within, not to mention many other locales inside in less time than it takes Joe Biden’s handlers to change his diapers and cram the usual cocktail of Alzheimer delaying drugs down his ever more confused, bribe ridden throat. Now there is some Obama care!

More than a month before Russia began its military foray into the fully politically penetrated parasite of Ukraine hosted by the Empire Du Jour, I wrote an article stating that indeed the military conflict was inevitable. And not only that war was a foregone conclusion, but that it would most likely run the ground red with blood for years.

And it was/is not hard to understand why. Russia, slowly, through US/UK prodding had been goaded into doing so for decades long “friendly” NATO expansion eastward, then suddenly with the planning, funding and implementation of the 2014 Maidan coup that installed an Empire Du Jour puppet regime in Ukraine, which through the use of the Ukrainian army, along with Neo-Nazi hardliners began the murder fest upon the thousands of ethnically Russian populace of the eastern Ukrainian provinces in calculated manner, who had refused to ruled over by an illegitimate Empire Du Jour imposed “government.”

Russia knew that the bait had been set, and ignorantly tried to reason with the lunatics in D. C. and London for around eight years time. Eight years of wasted time, as lunatics are incapable of logical reason as they lack a conscience. The eight years of Russian delay just allowed the Empire to train, arm, and integrate the tactics and logistic means into a more cohesively planned imperial implement.

Though something tells me the Russian contingent already knew the cemented plans and consequences of and to the Empire years ago. They just had to demonstrate to the rest of the not asleep at the wheel segment of at least semi-civilized humanity that all was attempted peacefully and diplomatically to reason with the psychopathic lunacy of the Empire Du Jour and all of its eunuchs in the government houses of the West willing to cripple their own countries and citizens, of which has ultimately begun the end of the all too stale shit holes of fully infiltrated parliamentary “democracies”.

No doubt the “limited military operation” commencing on February 24th 2022 did also truly demonstrate to the thinking portion of true global citizenry that indeed Russia has ZERO plans to retool the Soviet Empire, or modern day equivalent, but actually acted out of genuine national security issues for the continuance of the Russian state unabated. The Minsk Agreement brokered by Germany and France before the onset of current murderous hostilities laid out a fair and logical solution to the problem by allowing the ethnic Russian populations of eastern Ukraine to self determinant status through referendums, and for Ukraine to remain a neutral juncture between East and West. It was the Empire Du Jour who scuttled the road to a peaceful resolution in order to briefly profit from, while ultimately hoping to continue conquering lands and minds ever more eastward. Forget Blood Diamonds, the British Pound and US dollar are the ultimate Blood Money.

In reality, if Russia did not want to show the world at large its restraint, and understanding of it’s attempt to spare the lives of as many Ukrainians as possible while removing the metastasizing cancerous tumour of the Empire Du Jour, they would have just let loose the Russian блицкриг(blitzkrieg) and rained down endless explosives upon all non-nuclear power plants, water treatment infrastructure, houses of government, news/propaganda outlets, bridges, airports, and any other crucial infrastructure, not to mention completely turning off the gas tap to Ukraine. What Russia unleashed a few days ago with the 80+ missiles destroying civilian infrastructure throughout Ukraine could have been done in untold amounts of multiplication within the first two days of the beginning of the war.

To think that Russia is on the imminent trajectory of defeat or capitulation, or has not planned for the war to progress in such a manner had better start thinking clearly. Russia is not that stupid. Russia knew and knows exactly who and what they are dealing with here. Again it is the Empire Du Jour who has decided to drop the escalators to become the ultimate elevators of the many coming oxygen deprived atmospheric anomalies – hence the ramping up of hostilities with the bombing of the Nord Stream pipelines and attempted destruction of the Crimean bridge. Zelensky controls nothing other than the linguistic variations of the words on the script he has been handed to read. Remember he is literally a paid actor put in place to do as he is doing.

With the four geographical locations no longer in question, the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, as well as the Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions now officially coming under direct Russian possession and protection, it perhaps should be understood that new lines have been drawn. In reality, Russia is doing what it said in part,of the Minsk agreement, by allowing self determination by the 80+ percent of ethnic Russian citizens they are now ready and willing to defend their territory by many means necessary, and begin truly focusing upon the continuation of the Third Reich that was originally constructed by and fully absorbed by D. C. and London, taking it upon the continual and current path of infiltration, destruction and bastardization of which the newest theatre of death, Ukraine, is being set up for another act of depravity and ultimately scattering of atoms biological, mineral, gaseous, and Newtonian fluid form, all instigated by said goose-stepping Empire Du Jour nothings cowardly pulling the strings of deception and death behind the throne.

Will the final act be a false flag, ultimately of the crown used to unleash thermonuclear precipitation? Remember, inbred crazies watching in slow, soon to be elevated motion their historical realms gravitating away from the toxic parasite host dominance of non-symbiotic one sidedness.

#WWIII – #MeToo. That Liz Truss sure seems like a structurally abhorrent apparatus to up the anti-ante of loss of more human life on both sides. Surely old Lizzie could harness the demonic summoning of our not soon enough, not so dearly departed Lizzie II, the current left and right hand woman plotting with Lucifer on how to exploit endless geographical locations of their very own infiltration devices. Things are heating up!

Fathers Day to Come Early and Often?

Russia sure seems to be finished playing nice, and the Empire Du Jour I assure you has zero plans of backing off. With the Empire realizing that Russia is no longer messing around, surely the provocations will continue in the goading by the Empire, even if only strictly to run propaganda campaigns for the clueless dupes sitting in their living rooms watching CBC, CNN, NBC…….and to make money for the stockholders of all those arms manufacturers.

Will the seemingly ambiguous though blatantly obvious infrastructure attacks like those on the Nord Stream pipelines and Kerch bridge to Crimea. Any further attacks on Russian energy or critical civilian infrastructure have just been demonstrated to be answered many fold by Russia’s past energy & infrastructure retaliatory action upon multiple Ukraine cities. Will such back and forth continue, or is it time to amplify the amplitude of the Ukraine to Saxon servitude?

Maybe it is time to expect some longer range weaponry to be supplied to Ukraine in order to strike deep into Russian territory? If so it might not be such a good idea to be anywhere near a Ukrainian military base or any other staging area. Though it seems very unlikely for Russia to use either a tactical nuclear weapon or conventional doomsday devices unless in retaliatory fashion, with the way things sure seem to be heading towards escalating, it would not be surprising if the F. O. A. B, or, Father of All Bombs if possible to be deployed.

Yes, it is a real thing. The Father of All bombs is the largest non nuclear explosive device in existence. With the supposed equivalent of 44 tons of TNT, of which is deemed to be four times more powerful than America’s, you guessed it, 11 ton TNT equivalent the M. O. A. B, or Mother of All Bombs. The F. O. A. B. has a blast radius of around 300 metres(984 feet.) And being a thermobaric explosive device, it has an elevated blast wave and heat signature that is reported to incinerate any unlucky soul unlucky enough to be within its mark. Essentially a small nuclear bomb equivalent in destructive force, yet without the unleashing of radioactive material into the earth, atmosphere, or water.

Though from my understanding the F. O. A. B. is only deliverable via heavy bomber from a high altitude location, and is a GPS piloted bomb, so is able to deliver the payload within a very small margin of error. So it remains to be seen if such a tactic is feasible without having said bomber shot down before delivering such payloads.

Something tells me that the “Ukraine” war will “accidentally” spill outside the geographical confines of what is left of Ukrainian territory in order for the terrorist Empire Du Jour to suck as many NATO pact stooges into the conflict as possible so as to be able to continue the architecture of aggression that truly benefits only the political elite, international institutions and transnational corporations that form the current “rules based international order” circle jerk of antiquity hitherto into the hell on earth that Ukraine has and will more so become. Bribes and moral prostitution have taken societies down this road before. Here we go again. Heightened in lowliness.

Borscht and Pierogies

For two countries that have such historical ties and many commonalities, it sure is excruciating to see how things have deteriorated into such conditions of pure hatred, though not new, have reached a point of last person standing, though fully irradiated seems like it could be the outcome.

The whole world has already lost, though it comes as no surprise that many countries of the world have refused to implement any sanctions against Russia and fully understand what is happening and why, and there are a great many more countries that are strictly following the Empires implementation of sanctions and arming Ukraine under direct threat of retaliatory measures if such guidelines are not followed.

The absolute cowardliness, inaction, lack of foresight, missing backbone, the wisdom and logic to the power of negative 666, and lack of basic historical understanding and dwelling on historical perspective on behalf of European politicians alone for letting the situation end up in such dire circumstances is all the proof one should need to realize that the current governing system that engulfs the West in absolute stupidity and moral whoring is a system that will not continue too further into the future, murdered by its own filthy hand.

In the end, as much as it is the Empire Du Jour who has initiated and will continue the descent into madness and mayhem, sure history will write about all the Empire infiltrated countries had to do was flat out refuse to participate within the perverted realm of kowtowing to an entity that in reality had nothing more than a handful of bribed “representatives” of the people under command that strictly passed genocidal orders to those all too willing to follow such nonsense so long as they were home on time to sit on the couch and watch some sort of “reality” tv, be it sports, drama, or the “news” of the day. The tv told me so!

Shame on you Olaf Scholz!

Knock Knock

The three shortest books in history are the book of American modesty, the British cook book, and the Italian book of bravery ; )