Blast Off to Cast Off

Obviously a major malfunction. Definitely a Challenger for the be all and end all catchall of the unceremoniously and often poisoned independent windfall agonizingly feeding a desperate societal informational hunger that is all too appreciably consumed in a not so nourishing cognitive forestall, the likes of an extremely lean, mind protein lacking, rabbit hole starvation of synaptic dislocation upon consumptive unnatural origin ultimately serving fed-up bulimic insensibilities, void of the regurgitative mind fingering reflex necessary to purge one’s psyche of the junked out mind gorging upon a sold distinction of anomalous un-suppered contrarian banquet of the dually vanquished.

No question about it, an excessively swelling number of the collective public at large, due to the mainstream media mental midget production factories pumping out incessant, mind polluting manufactured lies in overtimed scheduling, are craving and adventurously seeking out alternative forms of informational stimuli with the hopes of absorbing something worthy of enlightening and simultaneously educational value, in lieu of the usual mind rotting bankrupted bunk programming of yore, hitherto. State and corporate drivel – drip, drip, drip. Way past the nostrils, eyeballs deep in muck.

Well, isn’t that something. That is their truth. Eyeballs deep in muck. Most definitely a danger indeed, to what the mainstream propaganda construct (Globalist passivity system) would have the actively indoctrinated believe is actually democracy, along with every other thought construct they have spent your entire lifetime assuring you was an actuality. But where does one go from here?

As horrifically perception of reality destroying as the mainstream and state media undoubtedly is, where does one go for something resembling an objective, actual fact based informational conveyance? Connecting the dots of enlightenment and acquiring escape velocity is no easy task that is for sure.

Well, the first step is the need and willingness to admit that one’s life learnings, therefore entire formative understanding of the system that has unquestionably been put in place to pull the wool over one’s eyes, has done so in order to systematically kill true independent spirit while obfuscating reality in order for the countless loose ends to become their taut professional beginnings at managing the drooped following.

Secondly, it takes time and extreme effort. In reality it is what a true enlightening societal construct would form the entire education system around, in order to, in elevating manner, build people, therefore accompanying geographical locations into a bulwark of logical reasoning unfit for the tainted and larded offerings spoon-fed for the sole consumptive effort of creating a shut in, morbidly obese thought confine gulping the  gravy train hideously track-marked to be leaving from all centrally planned stations simultaneously, so scheduling their arrival of whatever narrative and agenda always being on time for the derailing of the mind.

Yes it certainly is tough to be grounded in reality, especially when up in the air fantasy has become normalized and engrained false reality yearning to be cast aside after having been split asunder in a cleaving effort to break free of the dank, damp molded mould of government and mainstream media destituteness of which hit rock-bottom and subsequent, year negative one, in the all too shameful, idiotic and societal scattering covid terror fest unleashed by the graduated with dishonour collective “professional” establishment of disgraceful shame. Again, but where does one go from here?

Well, some are crossing over, to the other side. That could be a death reference, to the further murdering of ones perception of reality that is. The other side – independent, non government or commercially funded and produced informational offerings. Informational offerings – be careful, even a Penthouse letter could be nakedly applied to be splaying an informational output. Mounds of truth, or, hard up exaggeration? Good question indeed.

The Nerve to Perv

Dear Penthouse,

I never thought this would happen to me.

It was way past dark, and my wife was out of town on a business trip that would keep her away for the weekend, plus one day. For the first time ever the kids were all respectively engaged at friends sleepover parties for the night. There was nobody home but myself, oh, and the cat and the dog, but who are they going to spill the beans to?

The neighbours lights are all out, and my shades have been drawn, tightly! Time to make that connection and cheat on what are long established, normalized relationships based upon faithful societal traditions? Ah, the hell with them, you only live once!

I was a nervous wreck, it was my first affair after all. My body trembled as I started slowly, allowing her to fall into place upon my lap. Gracefully and excitedly I grasped her body, positioning her frame just right, allowing me to gain perfect angular positioning as I took my forefinger and stroked so cautiously and tenderly, knowing of the forbidden exhilaration that would soon be fully upon my coursing existence. All of a sudden I could not contain myself, my hands were a blur as I profusely pushed her buttons: E-N-D-P-O-L-I-T-I-C-I-A-N-S-.-C-O-M.

Ah, the release! I found the calling card in stickered absoluteness, plastered on the backside of a microbrewery bathroom door as I made a grand representative deposit in honour of that gerbil laden “royal” cronk Queen Charles the Turd. Figurative “royal” flush indeed. I Can hardly wait for the literal future.

Thomas, from Montreal, QC

Depends Upon the Output

As someone who gave up on television well in excess of a decade ago and has been perusing alternative information for surely just as long, to go along with a lifelong interest in true to life sensibilities, who now, on my own platform has begun emitting ulterior dispersions alongside comedic revelations that knee-knockingly quiver the lips of many a mind of state state of minders (and seasoned contrarians too!), I viewed something on an alternative media platform that perplexed me and planted the seed to write something about said anomalous faulty offering of shame. So here I stroke, those computer keys that is, for now anyways. Dear Penthouse…….

Really, the point that I am trying to get at with this article is, that, as horrifically dumbed down, centrally controlled, and hyper propagandized as the state and corporate media has become in this day and age, some of the garbage mouthed by certain alternative “media” is just as, if not more polluting, especially to those looking to escape the mainstream rubbish tip, and void of a good foundational base to stand on in order to constructively build upon in towering fashion. Alternative in no way equates to relevant, nor informative. Tweetle Dumb has flown the coop and roosted heavily within cyberspace. Later I will propose a treatment for the disease other than splitting geographical locations into three’s company.

As someone who has reached a decently established point of forming a confines escaped existence of understanding and more than juvenile level of enlightenment to go along with a few farts full of wisdom accompanying an ear waxed logical greasing, not to mention the poor man’s curse of having to sell my labour full-time, I really do not engage in all that much informational projection absorption. Heck, this site has given well in excess of a thousand hours of my time that I could have used in productive, or very well unproductive means if so desired. Dear Penthouse…..

There are a few sites that I peruse regularly, along with a few people’s vlogs and video interviews that I watch. One day, having some free time, I decided to indulge in an internet chat on a website that occasionally interviews one of the competent and intelligent people of interest worth following. Well, let’s just say: lost in dumbfounded mind pollution. The host of the show is clearly capable of asking rational queries when the intelligent guest that I follow is on the platform, but when said host became the smart one in the room, it was all over – credibility that is.

Trust me, I have heard a lot of people blurt out ridiculous, illogical things in my life, but said fantastic claim was way up at the top of bottom feeding exclamation. A flat earth moment if you may, well, certainly a levelled building existence, in Turkey and Syria, for the time being anyways. Yes, said host had claimed that Globalist powers were responsible for the recent earthquakes that levelled areas of Syria and Turkey. Laugh or cry? One leading into the other no doubt.

Really, if earthquakes were a programmable event, there would be countless geographical locations shaking in their footings far more often than they occur, and at greater magnitudes, no? After all, all one Poopy Pants Biden and Queen Charles the Turd would have to do would be to crank the Acme earthquake machine up a few notches on the dial, right!? I can picture it now in cartoonish reality. A sanctioned moment if you will.

Chucky Dumb and Biden Dumber input Moscow into the earthquake zone triangulation location computer and Biden sets the dial to 9.1. Though not being destructive enough for Chucky to cream his pants in immediate fashion at the erotic notion of re-penetrating Russia in Tsarist goose-stepping literalness, he cranks the power up to way past 10, in Wile E Coyote aggressiveness. You know, the mushroom cloud setting of “royal” Acme Inc.

Obviously the quake races past Moscow at great velocity, splits in two, one to London and the other to DC epicentre of incompetent comedic liquefaction, where 13 gerbils drop out of Chuck due to the perfect vibrational frequency to counteract Chuck’s gerbil ascension frequency, and Poopy Pants Biden lays a layer of insulation in diapered fullness. Well, would have layed a layer in diapered fullness had he not been stewing in his own likeness for the previous 47 minutes time that is. Where is the secret service when you need them!?

Why Can’t Those On the Fence Pick It?

If said earthquake manufacturing claim was not ridiculous enough, the host went on to say that psychedelic “drugs” were a way for globalists and others to get in contact with satanic evil forces. Surely, how could one mix up swallowing London, Brussels, and DC Globalist crap with mind expanding substances? Then it dawned on me: unenlightened living due to the inexperience of heightened consciousness exploration on another plain of existence. Certainly a worrywart quite evident to take a bad trip if the road was travelled? Too hard to handle for some. Come to your own conclusion about that. There are multiple if one is wondering.

Really, what would it take to start a meaningful, informative, objective, multidimensional, fact based, thought provoking, wisdom infused, logic building platform that could be a standardized fire escape from the current divisional, gas soaked, societal ashing incinerator that just seems to be ever more stoked via odious corporate and state media grand self-delusion purported to be analytical masterpiece at the hands of those that psychotically strangle society while claiming to be the saviour?

Clearly millions upon millions of people are looking for a rational observational breakdown of happenings past, present and future in a platform void of pomp, virtue signalling, bleeding hearts, and woke victim narrative. Though heaven knows there is the endless fanatic on both sides of the fence, all to seeking in strictly searching out the unthinking indoctrinated puddle splashing anomaly passing as their safe-space deep dive. Though certainly there could be a neutral ground to lure in the leanings of sophistication in tasteful manner, no?

If ONE sick of it all carpenter can spend thousands of his own dollars and matching time and space allotment, to come up with a sponsor free platform dabbling in thought provoking enlightenment if one is truly able to read between the lines, all the while without expecting financial gain even though his retirement plan still consists of a rope, beam, rickety stool and gravity, then why can untold amounts of billionaires, and multi-multi millionaires not rub a few nickels together to sponsor a career and accompanying platform for say 20 or so standout people to produce the aforementioned wisdom and logic infused multidimensional information substrate? Video should likely be the main substrate.

Really, I could not imagine what it is like being poor and not trying to put a stop to the madness, let alone having so much money it would be impossible to spend it in 5 lifetimes, yet sit complacently and selfishly while doing absolutely nothing to add a hint of sanity to the madness humanity so finds itself. If you build it they will come.

But until then. Dear Penthouse……

Digging In

On a side note, I just had a homeless gopher move underneath my place. He can stay until I find the first syringe, or until an interspecies orgy keeps me up at night. Those damn skunks! Dear Pethouse……