On Toppled Of The World

The stakes were high. Life or death indeed. Gambling at such international locales required verifiable creditworthiness to be presented. After all, everyone playing gets a turn at dealing the cards and drawing upon the deck. It would surely be best to keep them clutched tightly to one’s chest. Though it did not take long for the other players and the heightening interest of the seasoned crowd to decipher his first tell, telling indeed that this was without question amateur hour at Casino “Royal.”

For you see, the first mistake upon his house of cards was that of not removing the jokers from the deck before the dealing commenced. Why remove a reflective spitting image of himself after all? Intellectually fittingly, he had played fifty-two pickup on many more than one occasion of his deluded self-masochistic drivel sputtering existence. His second telling mistake was that of anticlockwise being this buffoons way of dealing around the table, especially when it came to his analogous metaphorical life. He can bluff alright, it is the lynchpin of his entire existence, though a constant state of confused dwelling gives him the propensity to reveal his codependency on those with an IQ higher than 86.

Just-him Truedope’s Existence

As the action came to president Putin, he stirred the pot and kindly asked of the Truedope, “Do you have any nine’s?” To which Just-him gleefully replied, “No, but I do have a king. Oh, hold on, I think it is actually a queen, Camilla the consort is always barking orders and drinking Charlese under the table.” Stoltenberg blushed so deeply that he made queen Charlese the Turds alcoholic induced rosacea seem to be of albino origin. Putin had no choice to reply other than to retort, “go fish, Just-him you are supposed to say ‘go fish’ when you do not have the cards I am looking for, and then I draw one off the pile to finish my turn or play on!” The Truedope looked perplexed and exclaimed, “but the dam just ‘collapsed’ after spontaneously ‘breaking,’ how are you supposed to ‘go fish’ when the lake has been emptied!?”

And then my alarm went off. Monday morning already, dam it, block me out, time to go to work. If only I had a few more minutes to hear the roiling esophageal super-effluence so disturbingly spewed forth from that literal Throne Troll supreme, Chrystia ‘Globalist Terrorist’ Slaveland. On second thought, why don’t you make something up yourself. You can never go wrong in paraphrasing her snorts and grunts for densely realistic lambasting truisms. No imagination. Fine, I will add a little mud to the Slaveland’s true to life pig pen wallowing. “I, like my granfather Michael Chomiak have become a Nazi collaborator. I heil from a long line of corpses too, and am I ever becoming rich beyond my wildest imagination, so I eagerly stroke the Globalist shafting until that final climax, even if that entails having my head shaved and buckets of human waste pelted down upon me” (en route to defenestration).

Heil The Coming Pig Roast!



“The Coefficient of a Spectacular Pile of Corpses is the Denomination of Endless Weapons in the Hands of The Zelensky Youth, and Then a False Flag to Get Serious About It!”

Swine Flew

My last article was a trope outlining the impotent bulge of NATO and the UKraine’s analogous reality to that of the desperation of Nazi Germany in the last few months of it’s existence before being crushed to dust, with the political stooges only escape for their crimes being the death penalty or an honourable suicide. One must surely hypothesize that it struck a chord with Cana-duh’s marionette junkie Chrystia Slaveland, and Klaus Schwab & Queen Charlese the Turds hand puppet Just-him Truedope. Guilty consciences and an ever creeping foreshadowed catching up of the Slaveland’s ‘high’ (drugged out) crimes, and miss-demeanor’s (Truedope’s) complicity in Ukrainian war crimes, for dam sure.

So off those Canadian swine flew, a whole brooding barnyard worth – to UKraine and beyond. Beyond their pseudo virtue signalling public  stance in carbon-nation, that is. Because hey, a phone call or online meeting would not suffice. Audible & digital fingerprints are guillotine friendly after all. Perhaps the Slaveland also needed another off the record “prescription” for that precious transformational pharmaceutical moonshot medicinal monkey backpacking of cacophonic clarity that her psychopathic persona so projects in every reflection other than her own foggily polished mirror. Amongst more sinister reasons, to boot. Shall we hypothesize as to some possible bottom feeding go fishiness? We shall indeed. Running scared, to get started. Then add a dash of, say, securing escape routes to Cana-duh for some UKro Neo-Nazi masterminds once the reich finally collapses.

Cana-duh’s “Diplomatic” Mission to UKraine

But first, a message from your sponsored. Your World Economic Forum and European Aristocracy sponsored blockhead, for reference purposes. Certainly one of his bon-spiels of shame, but truly, aren’t they all. Wasting your hard earned tax dollars in gleeful theatrical ignorance. Though the Truedope looks to have something gnawing at him on the inside. Something other than the European Aristocracy’s syphilitic rot necrotizing his already piddly, fantasy dwelling mind. That defenestration anxiety. Oh, the gravity of the situation. Certainly no lack of concreteness on his behalf.

Drama Queens Reunite

Not sure what is more painful, watching this video, or poking out one’s eyes and filling one’s ear canals with superglue? I know, the former, without hesitation, makes one feel the need to do the latter. Just-him’s pathetic life depends upon it, and that yellow and blue Smurf awaits Truedope’s scripted platitudes, so Chunder-bucket priming it is for said terminal waste of atoms. And all for “democracy” and freedom!

Talk about reeking of desperation. So much so that the assisted fiscal suicide of wreaking even more havoc upon the UKrainian people seems to be the only tax payer holding bag of tricks that Cana-duh’s Globalist gerbil boy seems to draw on. Because hey, the 8 BILLION dollars, of which 1 BILLION has already been spent on military “aid,” that “Canadians” have already wasted on UKraine to lose 20% of its territory is not enough, so the Truedope just gave another half a BILLION dollars for military assistance, as well as a 2.45 BILLION dollar loan,  “With the aim of supporting UKraine’s recovery and reconstruction.”

Not to mention the braggadocio of training fighter pilots for the yet to arrive F-16 jets, the promise of 288 Aim-7 missiles (because 300 would be way too many!) and an additional 10,000 rounds of 105mm ammunition. All I can say is, that is sure a lot of dam busting capability that “Canadians” are supplying to UKraine. Heck, why not make nuclear power plants fair game in their acts of desperation too. Oh wait, Frau Zelensky already tried that. Yeah, those “Russian” missiles are a coming.

Clearly with that amount of financial malarky from Cana-duh, as well as the other “sovereign” Globalist terrorist support mechanisms for Zelensky’s Reich, UKraine will surely be reconstructing their smouldering crater’s on geographical locations east of the Dnieper River, after having willfully given back Russia’s historical territorial claims in the unconditional surrender to come. Clearly a liquid separation is warranted from the infected UKrainian Crown land that currently stand to the east of the Dnieper River.

Geez, and all that had to be done to avoid all of the widespread bloodshed on both sides was for “Zelensky” to have honoured the Minsk Agreement and let the ethnic Russians vote as to which bloc they wanted to join. I think it is called ‘democracy.’ You know, that thing that Zelensky and the other doltish Globalist stooges keep claiming to be fighting for. I am not certain about that though, because I have never had the chance to truly participate within one. There lies the unicorn, blown to pieces with an Aim-7 missile and for good measure blasted 4 more times with 105mm rounds. The arms manufacturers need to make their dough after all. Besides, ammunition is about to run out, and BlackRock’s Vanguard fund depends on those explosive profits, literally and figuratively.

You Voted For Me – A Terrorist of the Crown

Heed Truedope’s words carefully, “Cana-duh will continue to stand with UKraine with whatever it takes, as long as it takes.” Whatever it takes is clearly Globalist lingo for, even it amounts to World War Three and nuclear annihilation, even on Canadian soil. “He” is that much of a beholden fool. So the Truedope-Zelensky bromance continues. Rumour has it that Just-him Truedope always packs a four legged stool when he goes for these unannounced overseas meetings. Apparently he turns it upside-down so that three of his fellow Globalist commissars can closely sit together and have intimate whisperings of sweet nothings into each others ears adjoining their vacated minds.

Globalist Definition of Freedom and Democracy

I will give you a minute to empty your puke bucket after having watched that first video, because there is another. It is part of that dam story I have been trying to get to while wading through human filth to get to this point. Specifically Truedope’s accompanying matching intellectual  ‘Go Fish’ tell, and clear guilt knowing that there is a possibility of it actually have been a Canadian weapon that was used to purposefully blow up the Kakhovka Dam. Enter the stool supported bromance of that lowly halved,  jaundiced Smurf and Ottawan shifty weasel:

  1. “We’ve all seen the devastation caused by the “collapse” of the the dam at the Kakhovka hydro electric power plant in Kherson region this week.”
  2. “Whether it is the uh, the dam “breaking” on, on a terrible time and impacting so many people.”

There they were, two video verified quotes attributable to Cana-duh’s spectre of the sceptre. This piece of shit has been lying for his entire pathetic existence, but was so mentally dishevelled at the war crime that he aided in committing that he could not even bluff with the 99% of mainstream media and say that Russia blew up the dam.

Yes, according to Truedope “logic,” the Kakhovka Dam just spontaneously “collapsed” after somehow miraculously “breaking.” Geez, I mean it sure is a good thing that nobody but this gender neutral sad-sack piece of shit at the head of a country or something like that. Think of the consequences. Swirling toilet bowl to sewered existence rapidity while claiming to be building a stairway to heaven. Well, make that an escalator, most of the population has become too lazy to use stairs.

Slip N Slide

An objective opinion might be to say that the current goings on between Russia and UKraine will be settled no time soon. And all on the malice, greed and genocidal intentions of the Crown, American Gestapo Corporation and the servile Throne Troll contingent of puppetry (EU, Cana-duh, Australia, UKrainian Reich…) comprising the Empire du Jour. Russia was all too enthusiastic about enacting and abiding by the Minsk agreement put forth by France and Germany, of which has since been admitted to have been a stall tactic by the West to arm Ukraine to the hilt and school the UAF in insurgency and counterinsurgency tactics in order to counter an actual serious military power of Russia.

Sure hiding amongst the UKrainian population and using them as human shields worked “decently” in slowing down Russia as the UAF engaged in the Nazi and ISIS insurgency tactic continuation techniques, but so far UKraine seems to be coming up limp on their endlessly hyped Bulging Pierogi counteroffensive when it comes to actually engaging and prospering to a dug in formidable, highly trained military presence.

Russia has come to realize that every word the West speaks is an outright lie and Frau Zelensky is not calling the shots, and is incapable of negotiations on “Ukraine’s” behalf. Where sending in conscripted UAF fighters to be obliterated by the Russian army seems to be another stall tactic to get those UKey fighter pilots versed in F-16 combat to such a meagre level of skill so they are just able to be routed by seasoned Russian pilots highly familiar with their own aircraft. Why would Russia negotiate to anything with what they have accomplished so far? It would just give the Empire du jour the Geographical location to rearm and retrain for more years and do it all again at their whim.

The Empire du Jour is intent on escalation and still see themselves ravaging Moscow in their inbred, power hungry and delusional minds. Those damn resources, and in someone else’s back yard. Back to the front!

Really, it is not too hard to envision the UKrainian population east of the Dnieper River eventually voting upon whether they would like to be a UKrainian or Russian citizen. Where those who choose to be a subject of the Ukrainian Crown will be given a bus ride and ferry ticket so they can make it to the shore of their new shrunken surroundings. Welfare cheques, woke ideology, child grooming, and a politically correct nightmare will be there to greet them. Or just maybe a failed state, now that the rape of the UKrainian steppe utterly failed to achieve its goal.

Congratulations, you are now a BlackRock day labourer! The hours are 6am to 10pm, and your daily borscht is at 12pm sharp. Trust me, you don’t want to miss it. You truly own nothing. Aren’t you happy now? Not even your life.