Hemispherical Ping Pong

Ever had recurring thoughts endlessly scoring an idea from absorbed stimuli that would just not go away? That back and forth synaptic tabling. Heaven knows, nobody says it had to be true after all. Asking questions is allowed, right? Now matter how distasteful it may be – even to those who are oh so easily offended by the alphabet and seemingly unable to be content unless they know how many times a day another farts, and more intimately, what aforementioned fart may smell like. Incalculably very nosy for inhalation gathering.

Hmm, kind of makes one wonder if computers these days are secretly imbedded with fart detection analytical hardware for deciphering of gastric emissions on an international level of gaseous national security for that behemoth of seat-sniffing indulgence sensibilities known as the Empire Du Jour and their accompanying agencies of odorful delights. That digital-gastric hoovering computational analysis three letter agency eroticized sensorific flatulence emittance analyzer sure could be indicative of the precise composition of the totality of Deep State spewed bullshit wholeheartedly swallowed by the mass of inhumanity sprouting the fallow headed blight disease of reality curtailment. You know, the noxious miasma leaking from the backside of the front-running cultural indoctrination homogenization spiral-graphic mind excavator device. Round and round it goes – out of control, for the in control that is. No paradox there, other than how it has lasted so long. Whew, those centuries sure fly by. Heil the king! Uh-uh, not Elvis.

Oh right, recurring thoughts bouncing around. Sometimes I ramble on typingly. My middle fingers will do that for me, as they are the lunula bearing pinnacle of a handed representation of boarded key inputs of synaptic outputs. Dammit, they just did it again. Rambled on that is. They are a bit crooked you know. It must be all those years of hard work. One might say toughened up for cranium-computational wielding in fanning the flames of literal directional representational corporeal zeal. Yeah that will do.

Inescapable ideas of continuance. Yes, since mid last week. No, I am not saying it is so, my brain just keeps telling me to put my fingers to projectable use. Recurring subjects indeed. Part of that demonocracy we so dwell. Yeah, I type and those compartmentalized demons thrashingly convulse in offended alphabetic summoning desires. I can feel it, literally. It is their tell. The telling of their truths (?), they seem to like it not. So they send in the fairies.

To challenge the house, of cards, of their making. Demons seethe. Surely detectable. One must double down, then quadruple up simultaneously. Oh yeah, tendrilly psychically assaulted with accompanying real world stimuli. Those middle fingers they have not run out of ideas yet, something just keeps feeding their necessity to meet stylization of my simulation of personification. Well, octupling out was constructively the next logical progressional directional radiate incarnate. It ripples through space-time, definitely detectable in observational dimension. After octupling, the logical next integer continuation seems to be a sexdecuple ejection. Geez, could be perverse in nature if one looked too deeply into that. Sexdecuple that that is. Isn’t that what she said? Maybe, I am just trying to get on with it. That ungodly burning bush momentary sparking of a hell on earth fanning the death of innocents. As Chong might put it, the blazing of that Maui Wowie. Certainly others are having the same thought train leaving the station.

Silver Bullets Golden Guillotines & Platinum Phalanxes?

On July 29th I watched an interview with an interesting person who has been statistically dissecting the COVID debacle that was terroristically foisted upon society for days, leading into months and now years. Heck, just yesterday, the CBC (Canadian Brainwashing Corporation) was already warning of the ‘Tripledemic’ (COVID, flu & RSV virus’) that would arrive this fall and winter to devastate society – so you had better get vaxxed up! CBC – time to put that double barrel shotgun in that literal logorrheic nonsense spewing mouth and pull both triggers, as you are beyond pathetic.

Darn it, those crooked middle fingers, they didi it again. Anyways, about that interview with an actual human being whom decided that speaking the truth was an integral necessity to alleviate the endless societal slide into the shit abyss that was supercharged with the COVID concoction of Globalist murder. At one point in the interview this person had the sense to speak the truth by stating that opium production in Afghanistan after the American occupation and CIA presence went from something like 15% to 90% of world production. Well, such a statement is literally a fact and can be backed up by many sources if one so chooses to dig not so deeply. THIS ONE IS A MUST READ.  Yes, that topsy-turvy crazy downside-up world will have the mindless dupes screaming “CONSPIRACY THEORY” all day long without even performing a snippet of dedicated objective truth seeking. Those one dimensional mind of state confines – ultimately undetectable, let alone escapable.

Centuries Long Dating Agencies

Well, as soon as this interviewee spoke those 15% to 90% opium truisms, my immediate thought was, “That rogue contingent of alphabetical offence takers are certainly not going to like that blatantly obvious truth, especially not from someone capable of reaching such a wide and diverse variety of society.” Sunlight is the best disinfectant after all.

That rogue contingent, they possess magic little fairies in cities and towns the world over. Kind of makes one wonder about those 800 plus military bases the world over? The thing about those fairies, other than leaving trails of pixie dust in their mindless wake – zero scruples in their possession. In reality, probably not even able to see past their own delusional fantasy as to the mindless sub-pawns that they truly are, nor to decipher the ultimate Crowned agenda they truly serve submissively in ignorance. Immediate gratification is an inescapable stasis of a paralyzing nothingness lost in scared little boy delusional-narcissistic stupor of actual self hatred. That statement might have more depth than their entire life existence.

Pixie Dust

These crooked, mind-attached middle fingers of mine, so ramble they do. Say, did I mention that Mr. interviewee so happens to live on Maui? Well, he does. Really, the first thought that crossed my mind when I heard of the Maui fires was that of Deep State little fairies carrying out orders to send a message intended for those who dare speak the truth. Those fairies, they certainly flit about you know, at the behest of those insecure muckymuck schmuck office dwelling order barkers also offended by the alphabet. After my recent Scuttlebutt Piracy article, someone in an office south of the 49th sure seems to have had a northern stationed fairy spray paint a massive, specific word in plain view on my commuting route in what sure seems to be an intimidation attempt.

Servants of the Crown, full absorption of the third reich, the JFK & RFK assassinations, 9-11 complicity, creating and supporting ISIS, being intricately involved in the narcotics trade going back decades. What is a little truth telling payback using a homicidal brushfire in Maui that quite possibly could have been purposefully lit by some little Deep State fairies once a dry flora and high wind warning was ominously forecast to Maui citizenry via propaganda channels of interwoven complicity by way of clueless dupes? Those wildfires – this year an endless parade to jackhammer the Globalist control apparatus of climate emergency and the need for Globalist government to dictate all facets of existence to us lowly tax-milked scum. Hey, I am not saying such is the current dystopian reality we so live, but it certainly cannot be ruled out. Though if such did happen, there is probably a digital footprint of the transactions.

Which gets one thinking about military tribunals. Really, not so difficult to comprehend. Who knows, stranger things have happened. Will it be terrestrial spillage through human fertilizer? Possibly an all inclusive encapsulated getaway in Guantanamo bay? Perhaps a revival of the artistry formerly known as drawn and quartered? How could one go wrong with crucifixion? It would certainly give reason for a revival of cross examination. Truly in this day and age cowardice runs so deep within the reeking of desperation curdled ranks that that old timey cyanide escape route of self redemption is about as likely as common sense and basic logic being bestowed by what has become a shameful, façade lacking, burnt out and environmentally wasted “education” system of disgracism.