Many a slimy conniving troop of sewer dwelling parasites in charge of and feeding the informational crap that fills the ever more clogging vast amount of mainstream media tributaries running off of the shit filled mainline trunk which seems to carry an overwhelming load of verbal diarrhoea have managed to Splinter much of the once somewhat rational Rocksteady societal groove and willingly warped the substrate of thought and living into a Bebop of bullshit where the Foot Clan masses have earnestly and gleefully thrown human liberties and personal freedom into the gaping maw of the political Shredder. Yes, many Leatherhead international institutions through their control of our non-sovereign politicians and mainstream media have been able to take to the next level their ploy of gaining total control over governments and their countries resources while the sheep have chosen to be herded for over a year now, right up until this April O’kneel. And the enlightened minority painting the masterpieces to lead society into the next renaissance have been shunned, treated like freakish reptiles and thrown into a hermetically sealed outhouse so the masses are not able to see the exhibition of enlightenment. Krang and Casey Jones, I was big on ideas but short on time, no structure on your mention.

A flashback to March of 2020, a couple weeks after politicians, at the behest of an extremely bogus and most likely already programmed computer model, foolishly and criminally forced the majority into an inhumane, crippling and independence stealing “2 week” lockdown. To my surprise, the mainlined mainstream media was all of a sudden bragging about how much better the earth was faring with humanity locked in their cubes of despair. Right then and there it was apparent that this corona virus was the starting gun for the beginning of a race that was to be no 110 meter hurdles sprint, but a galactic steeple chase of undefined length with hazards to be unleashed as the event organizers saw fit. This was no local event, the organizers were international and the lowly event officials were shills known as politicians and mainstream media. In this “pseudo environmental green age” we live in why not unleash a moderate virus and then light a fire storm in the channels of propaganda in order to manipulate the human ooze into a curdling, spoiling, gelatinous mass ready dive headfirst into a parasite filled wading pool of zero depth perception?

Said shills have been terrorizing the population for over a year now with daily case and death counts, and there is NEVER any mention of therapeutic treatments like Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine or even vitamin D intake, nor information on how to lead a healthier lifestyle and become more resilient to ALL disease in the process. Yet these political and media shills have zero qualms about machine gunning the idea of highly experimental and risky vaccines into the minds and subsequent arms of the populace. And yes, the World Health Organization does take copious amounts of dollars from pharmaceutical companies looking to fleece governments out of billions. You could call it a perverted tangled web of intrigue.

While we are on the topic of the media and government sponsored case and death count terror campaign, said mainstream media and political shills have NOT ONCE mentioned the information that this new corona has an extremely high binding affinity to human cells and instead of their being one way for the virus to gain entry into cells, through Ace-II receptors, it is also able to gain entry by way of neuropilin-1 receptors, as well as CD-147 receptors. These new cell entry means are a characteristic of more stable viruses such as HIV. Now if politician and mainstream media shills are so intent upon striking terror into the masses with daily case and death counts why do they never mention such interesting tidbits of terrorizing information? Could the answer be that it might shed some light on the possibility that some state sponsored lab was in fact messing around with corona viruses and one accidentally or possibly even purposefully was released in order to start the event that is stealing human liberty, freedom and independence and is lininig the coffers and consolidating the power and control of many a international institutions such as the World Economic Forum, World Bank, International Monetary Fund?

Got mutation? I wrote an article in November of 2020 about the corona virus mutating and being more harmful to those that were not exposed to the original infection. Shortly after my article it was all the political and media rage to terrorize the population with variants of concern that were 70% more contagious, no, 50% more contagious but more deadly, no that’s not right, it is 40% more contagious, not so deadly and possibly immune to the vaccines, no, hold on, 37.824% more contagious, only more deadly to those wearing white socks and possibly immune to 66% of the vaccines, as long as you did not get your vaccination while seated and on the weekend!

Got double mutation? Ah, India’s double mutation, because terrorizing the global population with single mutation stories was not enough to keep the event organizers laughing behind the curtain! Just like a masking technique, the more the merrier! How long will it be before some simpleton straps so many masks to their face that they are no longer able to breathe properly and suffocate to death, only to die from complications of covid of course! India averages close to 10 million deaths per year, so media cut your sensationalist brainwashing crap about 200,000 covid deaths in India. Many of these dead died with covid not from it. As I have said before when overall yearly death statistics(not faulty sensationalist covid terrorizing numbers) come out for 2020/2021politicians most likely have something to really panic about, defenestration by irate citizens.

Do you think the mainstream media will be unceasingly running stories and questioning whether it was necessary to destroy society and the human psyche when it comes to be known that overall death statistics were barely elevated above normal numbers not during covid times? Although I suppose the fourth, fifth, sixth and wait for it…………ROGUE WAVE still have the potential to, when adjusted to global population, possibly meet or exceed the death toll from the 1957 flu. Yes, covid is no more deadly than the common flu is in quite a few years of the 20th century. Although by the time that the ROGUE WAVE arrives the mutations will be so strong that the virus will be carpooling in Tesla Infectas that autopilot their way into any orifice that humans have. We better all just commit suicide right now to spare ourselves from the covid catastrophe that will be the ROGUE WAVE.

When the media maniacs and politician puppets jumped all over the covid 19 extraterrestrial event at the behest of their international institution ignoramus’ masters it became quite apparent that there was indeed going to be a shit storm that would engulf societies far and wide, although one could never have imagined the verbal diarrhoea would flow to such an extent and fill so many cranial crevices, which decades ago did not even exist due to semi-common sense and somewhat-intelligent ideologies and an independent spirit. As said before, it is the minds of the masses which have been infected and damaged society more than any flu like virus has in the past year or so.

When is the media and Western governments going to give up their covid terror campaign and carry on with its next agenda of sensationalizing events and schemes to enrich even more so into the trillions and FULLY consolidate power into international institution hands the complete and utter power transfer of what is left of the pathetic shell of sovereign nations? Will it be when our politician puppets force vaccinate everyone through harsh societal restricting regulations and then mandate yearly vaccinations to enrich pharmaceutical corporations? What about once the international institutions have their covid passports and the non conformists are listed and singled out? I suspect that this will not be over until the full control of a wholly digital currency system is put in place and the International Monetary Fund, World Economic Forum and their underling politicians have the means to track and trace every single monetary move that every globalist slave makes.