Liberty. The informational book, Braille, or otherwise, and the micro chipped, electrically driven computer based derivative, that contains combinations of letters to form thoughts, actions, things, concepts, ideas, objects, emotions, beings, forms, constructs, matrices, ideals, or anything else that we great(?) apes, have, in english, decided to call words, lists many of said constructs as containing a description of the mentioned letters put forth into words which said informational objects give something, as being called, and described, in detail, by human inputs, as a definition. It is a dictionary of course, so simple. Why must everything be politicianized?

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That was a mouthful! Or is it an eyeful? On third thoughts, if orated, definitely an earful . Perhaps in Braille, a handful. Heaven forbid one is a double or quadruple amputee, blind and completely deaf. What to gauge the Braille formations with in such an occasion? If a male, one could think of an appendage sensory organ! For some that might be pitiful, while others, a lapful. Somehow I think capital letters would be much more exciting to explore. They do grow in size after all. News flash, great idea! – maybe someone can figure out a way to make my literature tasteful. On second thoughts, nobody needs to be willy nilly playing with TNT, that would be unthoughtful. Have I reached the level of being harmful? If you said yes, then I am definitely blameful.  I will stop now before this becomes even more shameful. Ful stop. Or, stop ful? Believe me there are more, and it would be lawful. If written by a politician this would surely be deceitful. If this article could look into a mirror, the reflection, like that of a politicians, would be disgraceful.

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Oh yes, liberty. The dictionary gives many words, words that form sentences, for the description of that word, liberty. Not so funny how politicians have turned liberty into another type of sentence, sentence as in judgement to a confinement within their nasty nonsensical slave new world. Said words of liberty go something like this, and I “quote“:

1 – freedom from arbitrary or despotic government or control.

2 – freedom from external or foreign rule; independence.

3 – freedom from control, interference, obligation, restriction, hampering conditions, etc.; power or right of doing, thinking, speaking, etc., according to choice.

4 – freedom from captivity, confinement, or physical restraint.

Anyone who just read the above 4 definitions of liberty, unless they posses no true mind of their own, and therefore have their tiny brain so far up the waste expeller that politicians think with, must come to the realization that liberty, in once liberty filled Western countries, like the wooly mammoth, is but an extinction of an era gone by. Yes, in order to give themselves a continuation of their bungling societal mismanagement, our once proud lady of liberty had to be recast in the shackles of authoritarian governmental powers antiquity. Though such an antiquity of the past is worth nothing other than to die for to escape its hefty and bankruptcy producing price tag.

Yes, the government(institutional and corporate powers)and its media proxies, through an incessant terror campaign have managed to implement the covid doctrine. Said doctrine, through incessant and mind crumbling, droning, terroristic repetition has managed to create a new cult of no-personality for those with a state of mind unable to escape the mind of the state.

Having no mind, the minds of the state, unaware that institutions writing the cult leader speeches are very profitably throwing up intangible, society destroying walls. Walls like covid passports and PCR tests, of which some walls will be lowered if you renew your cult membership mRNA ticket. If you refuse to join the cult, be prepared to become even more acquainted with your home and even more non mainstream informational intake. Yeah that same informational intake that led you away from the mob and afforded you the clarity to not join the cult in the first place.

Don’t forget, these harmaceutical companies will be jacking up the price of what might become your mandatory covid vaccine. Brought to you by your federally mandated political decree! Politicians, unthinking and bribe ridden scum of the earth! If only we were allowed to think for ourselves! Hmm, true/direct democracy anybody? How long before that though becomes a hate crime?

Study hard enough and you might pass the test and realize that institutional digitization of societies is the ultimate ends to the covid release and covid doctrine unveiling. Once your cash is replaced by digital currencies the prison is complete. What, you did not think that all these Western puppet politicians came up with this great reset mantra all by their lonesome selves did you?

Why does the mainstream media never ask a president or prime minister about the importance and regulating affect that cash has against banking and government tyranny? A head of state that really cared about its people would make it illegal to eliminate cash, and then add a curriculum to the education system that discussed and elaborated on the subject.

Could international institutions, corporations, bankers, politicians, and mainstream and state media all be caught up in a perverted game of raping the planet at the expense of true human freedom, while most of the political puppets are too dumb and ignorant to realize what is going on, while the cognizant politicians have zero qualms about selling out their populaces?

Beware these covid cultists, they lack all rational thought and civilized behaviour. Kool-Aid does not interest these nutters, as they lack all courage and bravery. They prefer unawarely to die in ignorance of a thousand cuts, where their logic left them after the first slice. These kooks  possess a very distinct aura of non-sensical cowardice and fear. This aura eminates in an unprotecting cloth, panic-stricken fashion, and fear of being close to others. Even the great outdoors will not alleviate their irrational behaviour. They will literally do everything their government leaders tell them to. And these government doctrine dealers are not only sect members, they are also unthinking cult leaders. Yes, the mindless leading the mindless.

The Greek alphabet has 24 letters. Is it possible that yet another government funded lab might be cooking up another variant or virus as we speak? They have after all proven that a virus is a good weapon to wield against an ignorantly compliant society. Will they get to the Greek letter pi? What is the cycle of government self destruction? Perhaps 3.14159 years from the original covid release date will lead to a French, or other defenestration event? My estimate is that would bring us to around November 2022 sometime. Are they going to bring back these authoritarian covid decrees in the fall and winter every year? Remember, your politicians will be shaming you to get your covid booster periodically. Institutions and corporations are laughing all the way to the corrupt banks while you lose your freedom.

Liberty’s Pedestal has Been Buried

Enlightened governments came together to construct a liberating effigy of liberty all those years ago in New York City in order to symbolize freedom, sensibility and other virtuous traits that encompass liberty. With the covid cult in full bloom and the submission of freedom to government in order to allow the imposition of any authoritarian diktat government so chooses, the liberty lacking lubbers have metaphorically destroyed the statue of liberty and the extreme symbolism that she stands for.

In this day and age it is quite surprising that the covid cult incarnate has not gathered in unthinking wokeness and laid siege a full on sectual assault on the Statue of Liberty herself in order to destroy a remnant of an idea and idealism of a bygone era, when people used to think for themselves and take personal responsibility seriously and literally, use basic common sense and have accountability for their actions.

Perhaps in order to give in to the lowest common denominator that mainstream media seems to want to portray is an all encompassing permeation of everybody in society, we should rework the old Emma Lazarus quote to :

Give me your tired woke mob, mentally poor, the huddled fuddle duddled masses yearning to breathe un-free through a mask or two, the wretched recluses of your un-teeming shores. Send these, the brainless, dumb-fest tossed, to me: I lift my ramp unto the covid prison door.

Miss liberty and the statue that personifies her so gracefully looking over New York Harbour, stands, yet walks so, actually has much symbolism. In formation of her construct, the biggest inspiration was to commemorate the end of slavery in the USA.

The book that liberty carries has the date of the Declaration of Independence. The seven points on miss liberty’s crown represent the seven seas, the seven continents and the rays of the sun and the illuminating effects that emanate from it so.

Though it appears that miss liberty is standing still, her right foot is actually in the process of lifting off the ground. Which means that liberty is striding forward to carry her great meaning and good will right around the world. And yes, miss liberty’s torch is symbolic of leading the world out of fear and darkness into the realm of freedom, freedom from all tyranny, tyranny unleashed by out of control government, corporations and international institutions.

Yes, liberty has been neutralized by government(institutions and corporations,) and its proxy propaganda machine known as state and mainstream media by a covid terror campaign of elongated magnitude. They managed to break much of the populace to the point of them joining the covid cult. Of course the cult leaders have been leading us away from the lies with even more lies in order to take us to a place where we will have a much greater view of our not so cosmic, but highly cosmetic future. All Hail Bop!

How long will it be before the necessary amount of passengers realize that the drivers have no idea how to operate or maintain our universal vehicle? Until then, enjoy the road to nowhere. The worst part of a road to nowhere is the obscenery.