Not very long ago I wrote an article entitled, Is a Mako Onto Shat, where I expounded upon the villainously veneerial construct of the original sinner, Bitcoin, and of course by default, every other digital “currency” in existence, therefore the eventual equilibrium of said digital constructs coming to reach their true worth, something on par with that of diarrhea passed through a strainer in order to sieve any semblance of undigested matter in the hopes that there was some nourishment to quell the appetite of the brains who’s stomachs have nothing but the disillusioned hunger to feed off of the souls of others. Though of course, a puddle of liquified faeces, filtered or not, will be valued for eternity in order to fertilize the construct of true human sustenance over millennia past and future. Crop rotation!

Well I have come across more information that should lead a non vegetated mind to believe that an investment in beach sand is certainly on par with that of digital “currencies,” unless of course it is that awesome black sand from Vik Beach in Iceland. After all, think of how much energy it took to make such unique sand! Bitcoiners, go pound some! Hold on, I share my name with a vegetable, does that make me a vegetative mind? Perhaps if I had any friends they would say I grew by adding shit to my brain.

Vik Beach Iceland

Once I watched the Reykjavik Police haul away in the paddy wagon a drunken, belligerent Icelandic savage who refused to go without a fight. Later, his friends told me they took him for a moonlight drive and paid him back with equal amounts of kinetic energy. His friends all agreed that he deserved it. Going places will cause the mind to luxuriously travel, even if done on the poor.  Oh yeah, Ponzi proof for the pudding brain, let me serve up the sterilized dish.

Happy Days Says the Ponz


Forget the decimally decimated charlatan marketing schemes. As said in my first article, without a doubt, the Madoff moment should be when it is discovered that .5% of bitcoin wallets hold 87% of the bitcoins ever “mined”. Unless one is part of the 87% of course. Bern baby Bern!

It is estimated that there are in and around 100 million bitcoin owners worldwide. Hmm, .5% of 100 million is 500,000. Interesting. Half a million entities own 87% of all bitcoins. Let’s do some more refining of that pseudo mining!

The population of earth is right around 8 billion souls. Wonder how many are lost souls? Fear not pariah’s, “bitcoin will save your souls, and the world too,” say the shysters. So with half a million people out of 8 billion owning 87% of all bitcoins, that means that .0000625% of the population of the entire earth own nearly all of the bitcoins. That is one microscopic pyramidal scheme cap stone! Really shiny be those two way mirrors in a one dimensional construct! But wait there’s more! And I am not even selling you something.

One might be pondering: “But there are going to be 21 million bitcoins, and we are just 13 years into the beginning of what is supposed to take another 118 years to finish “mining” bitcoins?” – “Surely there must be 85% left to “mine”?” Sorry to again burst the beyond ridiculous bitcoin fantasy, but, already, over 19 million, or 90% of bitcoins have already been “mined” and are mostly in the possession of .0000625% of the global population. And don’t forget, the creators, right off the get go “mined” at very least one million(nearly 5%) bitcoins. What is that sound!? Oh yes, less than liquified faeces finding its true place in society!

The True Intrinsic Value of Bitcoin

Now for the non-limited time bonus offer! If one wants to humorously learn about the final nail in the bitcoin fantasy coffin in a humorous offering, read my past article on criminal globalist bankers HERE. Though if one wants to read it directly from the horse’s mouth sending society to the glue factory, drink some of this POISONED WELL. Short on time? Let me summarize the globalist shysters laid out plans for a Western country near you. I will use my captor as the example that will be followed globally, unless of course we sharpen our pitchforks and draw up the plans for defenestration.

The globalist infiltrated central bank from my larger geographical location, Canada, has very clearly spelled out that the BOC(Bank of Canada) will not let bitcoin compete with the Canadian dollar in any way shape or form. In their white paper the BOC blatantly states that the BOC’s own central bank digital currency(CBDC) will be unleashed upon society when enough bitcoins come into usage. Such a statement implicitly implies that once the BOC’s CBDC comes to be they will be confiscating one’s bitcoins and converting them into a government controlled trackable digital nightmare, most likely at much less than par. So yes, government is indeed using bitcoin as a trap to catch and slaughter the entire populace in a totalitarian digital money construct. You have been warned.

Luxuriously Traveling the Mind by Going Places

Canada’s D.F. Malan

Before apartheid, along with government tyranny came to Canada, and I was deemed a second class citizen ineligible to partake fully in society, by this lying slimy globalist black facing treasonous piece of human garbage and waste of atoms, I used to work hard for extended periods of time and then every few years take a trip somewhere to engage with foreign customs, cultures and exotic beers. Traveling, anyone who has done some surely knows it expands the mind and contracts the coffers. A beneficial trade off for sure. Now I travel from my chair to the fridge and bathroom and bedroom. The scenery is getting old, though not old enough to be assaulted by the prick of an infinitesimally tiny excuse of a life form. Below pond scum, and on all fours for the World Economic Forums diseased priapism the Truedope be!

While overseas, if done correctly, one may not know what situations they may find themselves in on a daily basis. Add in a few beers and that scenario may multiply by exponential factors. Watch out for those Belgian beers! Belgium, I once ended up there by accident! European trains, they run to many more locations than just the Canadian PM’s backside!


One might be, say, walking around downtown in a European capital city, and having worked up a hunger and thirst, decided to enter what appeared to be a decent dive from the exterior, only to receive positive confirmation of suspected submerged status upon entry into the environment. This dive would be a suitable place to get hosed. Federal politicians, this place had many encapsulated in its liquid! It was early afternoon! Ain’t no tit like the government tit!

Occasionally, talking to others is more enthralling than mumbling and muttering to oneself under ones own breath. I said occasionally! They all spoke funny, so I piped up. They were all humbled and interesting people to talk to, understanding of the situation of those European trains, and knowing that theirs, the gravy train, was a bit closer to reality, but still fallacious fantasy. Let me Finnish the tale, I have not gone off topic, just added some filler.


It is a gritty city. Though they all are in the second and third world, that is a good part of the experience. Monetarily poor, rich in the familial manner they be, except the elite, they are rich in both senses. One might find an inner city feed store worker wearing a shirt that reads, “I Love My Cock.” And they do! Of course a trip to the cock pit was in order. Found myself a bookie, let the wagers begin! Pretty sure he was skimming! I actually did quite well. My system was to pick the aggressor in the pre-fight peck off.

The Loser is Lunch

Damn Yankees, they like hanging around. Ran into a few here and there. Dining out is a good way to experience some culture. Three letter agency. I Had a chance to sit down with some coconut infused alligator. Juvenile alligator, from a massive alligator farm. Raised in stagnant water. Not a healthy environment to absorb.

The food was good, the conversation definitely more interesting than muttering and mumbling to one self. The topic of greatest interest on my opinion was that of that digital construct with less utilitarian purpose than a puddle of faeces, bitcoin. My opinion is that I was bullshitting with a pocketer of a good portion of the .5% of bitcoin wallets. I still remember saying, “but what is to stop a million entities from creating a million digital currencies.” Well, we’re not quite at a million varieties yet, but the sub-diarrhea has definitely been watered down!

And in reality, would it not be possible to just create a new digital currency where the first logarithmic equation to be “mined” for a “coin” was much more complicated than bitcoins, clearly not so difficult last equation? Yes, it sure would be! Just send me a trillion dollars now for the idea please. I will call it shitcoin!

How many pairs of shoes does a First Lady need? 3000!


I will spare you the details about working as a gutter cleaner in Perth and coming across discarded dildos in the gutter.

The Saviour?

The country of El Salvador, to go along with the US dollar, made bitcoin legal tender in September of 2021. One of the bitcoin barons, of maxi-millions, who undoubtedly sniffed out the Ponzi scheme in the very early days claims El Salvador is the miracle of the world. Though more likely just a pump before taking that massive dump, leaving the suckers with digital sub diarrhea.

Said baron believes the bitcoin will begin some sort of miraculous renaissance. Though to have more than a one track mind might lead one to believe that a colonial catastrophe may indeed unfold in El Salvador. Bitcoin, being granted tax free status from the Salvadoran government may indeed cause an influx of bitcoin millionaires into the country, and in the process, drive up the cost of living for the already mostly impoverished Salvadorian population. Though polar bear hunting(robbing rich caucasians) may become a national sport.

It is not like the average Salvadorian will be miraculously propelled into a lifestyle of the rich and famous, let alone a lifestyle of the mediocre and civically known. Let’s not forget that Central America is the playground of that 3 letter agency of the beast that has no problems whatsoever in enacting government coups if a vassal president attempts to deviate from US dominance.

One can only imply that a challenge of the US dollar as the only legal tender is an act of revolt against the empire du jour and will be met with an iron fist of change, unless of course the Salvadoran bitcoin experiment is in fact a globalist banker ploy backed by those three letters. It is after all the globalists and their institutions that are hell bent on trapping all societies within a trackable digital realm in order to dominate and destroy those who are not part of their perverted club.

There truly has to be some extremely powerful entities behind those .5% of bitcoin wallets that hold 87% of all bitcoins ever “mined.” Wall Street would definitely not be involved unless there was a means and end to massively exploit and immensely profit, and there is no global exploitation in the history of humanity larger than that of fully digitizing the currency system of earth to entrap the entire population within a digital control system. Bitcoin is the bait and the switch is coming soon!

What a Beautiful Unicorn

There is a possibility that bitcoin actually started out as a means to semi skirt the global financial system, though I highly doubt it. Even if it was created for benevolent purposes, of which there truly is no substance or merit to make the claim for its relevance or acceptance, it surely has been highjacked and weaponized by the ruthlessness of government and globalist slave system constructs. Be a good slave, go digital!

Anybody hyping, hawking and pushing bitcoin as some sort of saviour or relevant financial construct has indeed become the stooge of a globalist slave system and a witting agent for the globalist controlled central banks and globalist government framework that they ignorantly, selfishly, and smugly claim to be against. Moral prostitutes in short form.

As corrupt and perverted as the globalist government and globalist financial system has become, the notion that 0’s and 1’s made on a computer by solving not so intricate logarithmic equations was somehow going to benefit society, save the financial system, and through such an endeavour, humanity, is a fantasy along the lines of putting blind, seizure prone, alcoholic drug addicts with gambling and chronic masturbating addictions as surgeons of every hospital and somehow thinking that a better system has been created. Sure the new incompetent surgeons will have some bonus money to spend on sun glasses, drugs, alcohol, lottery, casinos and braille pornography, but has the societal construct changed in a way that was beneficial to all, or have .0000625% of hospital staff just found a way to exploit the system for financial gain and ultimately greed at the expense of society?

I have said it before, and I will say it again. The only thing that is going to elevate humanity, is to create a whole new societal construct based upon personal responsibility, accountability, societal participation other than picking a globalist puppet liar every few years or so, and a total dismantling of, again, the globalist debt based, and imperial warfare for globalist profits system that the world seems to be captivated and captive to. And let’s not forget about cancelling the woke joke! Turn off that TV!

Got courage?