Canada is Sovereign No More

The following video seems to be clear documented evidence that the entire Canadian political system has been infiltrated and overtaken to the point of not only the Liberal party’s prime minister and over half(possibly all) of his cabinet taking orders from the fascist global conglomerate known as the World Economic Forum, but even the New Democratic Party’s leader, Jagmeet Singh, who is labeled as an “opposition” to what obviously appears to be a blatant World Economic Forum ploy to infiltrate and dictate the workings of a supposedly sovereign government, is a graduate of the Klaus Schwab school of globalist treachery.

With the head of the World Economic Forum(WEF), Klaus Schwab, bragging in the following video of his WEF as, “penetrating” the workings of supposedly sovereign countries. And when such a question is asked my a Member of Parliament about the WEF’s role in infiltrating the Liberal Cabinet, the Speaker of the House of Commons, who is supposed to represent an impartial voice, is all too willing to slough of a legitimately documented fact as conspiratorial disinformation. The puppet to tell the speaker of the house that the WEF penetration is “disinformation,” without any provided info to corroborate such a lie, is an NDP MP. Jagmeet is not alone in his prostitute puppet position, it seems like the whole NDP cabinet may be compromised as well.

Not only does something stink in Canadian politics, but the rot is in the open and 99%+ of “representatives” of the people seem to want the neurotic necrotic symbiotic perversion of a globalist run government to continue so as to be able to collect their morsel of the institutional globalist crumbs that are levied out to placate such prostituting political puppetry. “Conservatives,” where are you with the highly documented fact that the WEF has clearly infiltrated the workings of Canadian government? Such a damning and obvious lack of sovereignty should be brought up in every sitting of parliament, should it not? “Conservatives” are WEF colluders cleverly feigning opposition, blind dingbats, or both?

Fellow Canadians, be horrified, disgusted and angry with a factual truth that almost all “representatives” of the people choose to willingly ignore and cover up. Look at the disgust on the speaker of the house’s face when an MP dare bring up such a question about the WEF’s subversion of the country of Canada, then how easily the speaker of the house then moves on to dismiss a verifiable fact as disinformation. Old Klaus brags about his Canadian infiltration. Klaus must pay well to commit treason. Conspiracy theory no more. Here is the video:

We the Peephole

Surely it must be obvious to anyone paying attention, politicians truly care not about their citizens. The people really are the hinges upon the opaque door that politicians pretend to operate in the construct of globalist institutional power, where the politician doormen/women oil the hinges so as placate the unaware as to functioning for “their” existence. Vote for me, I’ll “give” you this!

While the doorwomen/men get their globalist gratuities for performing during their allotted shift, and the institutional multinational globalist constructs get to freely navigate within the non-sovereign building, the builders of society(people) are stuck within the mortise while firmly screwed within the margin of the door. The people neither look in nor out at the political or institutional rooms that constantly expand, we just unthinkingly pivot to allow the regular travel to keep coming and going. Until now that is.

Gentrification and renovation have already begun, as society currently operates upon outdated hardware and building materials. Technology has come a long way since rough hewn lumbering built the construct and miss-hung door. No doubt the new materials and architectural firming will construct from the blueprints an equitable work environment where all have the chance to participate within the societal building. There is no need to further operate a door with limited travel and strictly opaque operations. The new framework has arrived, supported by central pins, allowing a dynamic rotational action so as to allow the tempered glass transparency for full movement and viewing. You see, all we needed was truckers to begin the road to the future.

Second Class Class One

As many countries of the West began and further begin to eliminate state, provincial, territorial and federal covid restrictions, Canada’s prime minister began enacting more draconian actions, against truckers nonetheless, who were lauded by society for their actions in keeping goods and society moving in the face of what were the incompetent, unnecessary government decree of covid lockdowns, and for well over a year afterwards.

Not only did Canada’s doofus puppet prime minister decide to punish the country’s bread and butter, the Truedope has flatly refused to even set out a guideline as to when he plans on dismantling the apartheid regime he has created by refusing to allow freethinking, rights loving individuals the right of travelling within ones own country, or leaving ones country to travel to other worldly geographical locations. Canada now possesses millions of people who have been deemed second class citizens, and have been literally threatened by Truedope’s regime along the lines of, “Do we tolerate these people?” For those familiar with history, such hateful utterances come from the mouths of absolute tyrants.

Not only are there millions of second class citizens in the “free” country of Canada, but there are millions more who disagree with the WEF run Truedope government, having strictly caved to authoritarian government diktat solely due to the government lie of gaining some semblance of normalcy back in their lives, yet the Truedope will not even harbour the notion of repealing his vaccine passport which would allow Canadians to travel their own respective countries freely and the countries of the world from within a free society. Such a federal(globalist) action surely would lead society to believe that the Truedope has the laid out plans to federally mandate vaccines for years to come. After all the Truedope has already reached agreements for Pfizer vaccines up to the year 2024, while lying to Canadians that covid would be over by 2022. There is not going to be a herd immunity, just a herded community. Slaughtering freedom for the WEF.

Canada’s Freedom Convoy was so powerful and righteous in the face of government tyranny that it caused the Truedope to run and hide, only to show his pathetic bought and paid for face over a week later in order to label peaceful protesters from every sex and ethnic background as Nazi’s and racists. What a classy leader!

Without a doubt Canada’s Freedom Convoy was so immense that it overwhelmed the participators, the authorities, Ottawa, and the world. Surely the vast amount of Canadians were cheering its success from the warmth of their mid-winter homes. Bless the truckers and the rest of Canadians who successfully accomplished such a tremendous feat. In the middle of Canadian winter!

Freedom loving Canadians, do not think that the current dismantling of the freedom convoy and subsequent arrests of those willing to stand up for freedom to the very end is any sort of loss or reason to hang ones head in defeat. Nor should one be too overly hateful or find spite or disdain in the way that some members of the police dealt with protestors in the end. It time to double down on peace and love. The political climate is changing and the weather for political action sure is warming up in a hurry!

In reality it was only a matter of time before the streets would begin to be cleared of the vehicles, and believe me, such a task was not done to placate the Truedope and his globalist machinations. I am Sam! In truth the only reason that the trucks and vehicles could begin to be removed was due to obstruction of roadways.

Canadians have the right to peacefully protest, however we do not have the right block city streets with vehicles indefinitely. The cowardly globalist scumbag in the video below spells out how Canadians have the right to assemble in person(not vehicles) and protest government actions. Let the masses take THE RIGHT TO PEACEFULLY PROTEST!


Go Fu*d Yourself

With peaceful, freedom loving Canadians having raised millions of dollars online for their Freedom Rally, government fascism came to be for all to see, in plain sight. Government is desperate for true freedom and democracy to not materialize, which is why such egregious acts are committed by the state. Politicians do not serve the people.

Not only did the Canadian government freeze and have the crowdfunding site attempt to steal the donated money, but the Emergencies Act that the Truedope and his globalist troll, the Slaveland crafted, under globalist coaching, to be used as a global model, gave the globalist Canadian government the right to freeze the Canadian bank accounts of any “undesirable” supporter of a cause that the government deems unworthy. And all without a warrant, or means to challenge such an insane government act. Government is clearly out of control.

I hope one is beginning to understand the ramifications of what government will be doing to its citizenry if it manages to attain the totally cash free central bank digital currency prison system that they are frantically streamlining to bring into existence. This incident is the foreshadowing of the totalitarianism to come if nothing is done to stop these “people.” Why will no politician guarantee by law the fundamental human right to  freedom and privacy that cash upholds from all out government tyranny? All globalists?!!

Those with decent amounts of money, I would be worried if I was you and not a partner and stakeholder of the globalist cabal. They will be coming after your money under the name of providing “equality for all.” An equality that will never come. An equality that is strictly designed and cleverly hyped to control and eliminate anyone who speaks or acts in defiance to the literal insanity that federalist globalist government has become left unchecked. Many people will be systematically destroyed.

Time to Cash Their Checks

Clearly the obvious ramifications of freedom and liberty extolling virtues along with the fundamental human right for society to have a means to transact outside the criminal parameters of an authoritarian government has become clear to the bulk of society?

Clearly with the need for Canada’s globalist infiltrated lackey politicians to be shown the door and the possibility of the millions of state escaped minds, and truly patriotic Canadian’s willing to clear the room, there will now need to be a way for freedom and liberty to escape the tyranny of government infiltrating the banking right of being able to feed oneself and others, along with placing shelter over ones head without being branded as a terrorist and having ones fundamental human right be terminated indefinitely. Or will the government of Canada freeze the accounts of every citizen if the need arises when new peaceful protest materializes in order to defeat tyranny and apartheid?

Perhaps religious houses, along with the legion, an organization based upon fighting for freedom will step up and become a trusted means to monetarily support Canadian’s battle against a globalist tyranny? Well, until the Truedope and the Slaveland seize all religious and Legion property, then bring back the death penalty to rid the earth of such a vile contemptuous bunch of freedom loving patriots.

March of Spring

As someone who has been warning nobody that would listen since day one of this covid power grab, the time for the cognizant bulk of society to have gone in the streets and peacefully protest incessantly until rational voices and intelligence persevered was day one of the globalist government lockdowns and terror campaign, nearly two years ago now.

Politicians and media have lied and misled the public this whole time with pretty much every decree, mandate, and information having been ineffective, with, make it up as they go bullshit, then once we get there make something else up to coverup and mislead from what was said back then. Nothing has changed to this day, two years later.

And the one obvious truth that should be at the forefront is the fact that covid is a gain of function virus designed to do what it is doing, most likely released on purpose to achieve this globalist consolidation of power. And society has now been destroyed by the incompetence of politicians and media, all for a virus than is no worse in deaths than the flu has been in living memory. Time for a change, with personal responsibility and accountability at the forefront. What governments and media have done is a crime. An apartheid state is a crime against the fundamental human right of free movement.

Let the Private Parts Cover the Public Shame

Canadians and other Western countries have the right to peacefully protest, and there has never been a time in Canadian and world history in more need of the totality of the cognizant, freethinking, hardworking mass of all races, religions, sexes, age, class and any other classification to come together and truly legislate ourselves into existence. When we set our minds to it, We Will Win When We Work Willingly for a truly freedom and liberty enacting resolution.

If Canadians so choose, we could make history that would be remembered a thousand plus years into the future, or at least until senile old Joe Biden Nukes the world so as to prevent Canada from setting the precedent of legislating its citizenry into a true/direct democracy system, in the process giving the rest of the federalist globalist subjects held captive in many other geographical locations the courage and clout to follow with pride. Just think Freedom Convoy, to the power of a quadrillion!

With Canada, having a treasonous prime minister and deputy prime minister at the reigns of a now apartheid country, unwilling to even admit that what they have created is against fundamental human rights, nor willing to even have a basic conversation about repealing the apartheid construct, sure it is imperative that the above mentioned range of society who have the means to do so should peacefully and enthusiastically make their way to Ottawa, beginning this Spring. Take your paid vacation from work to fight the globalist powers destroying Canada’s sovereignty!

For those unable to afford the journey, no doubt, mass protests in solidarity should be held at the houses of legislation to which one is able transport themselves to, as often as is able to do so. Do not forget the Freedom Marches. This is not about overthrowing the government, it is about legislating the people into a participatory existence and the gradual dismantling of the federalist globalist construct that has come to poison societies.

Such a timeline would give the ability for the millions of Canadians fed up with the apartheid state and the globalist ringleaders, Truedope and Slaveland, to organize in a manner so as to sufficiently come up with a cohesive plan to execute such a monumental and liberating feat for humanity. Immense crowds and continuous peaceful protesting will be needed around the clock for possibly months on end. For sure there are enough irate citizenry to successfully accomplish such a lofty outcome.


Here are some thoughts on how Canada could come together to force our captors apart.

First off and continually, it must be done lawfully. Regardless of if the first wave consists of just myself : ( or many modes of transportation. Hypothetically there will be so many people showing up in Ottawa that every hotel, hostel, Air B&B, camping spot, and RV park will be at capacity for the duration of the Canadian Spring. Recent history has shown that disrupting Ottawa’s streets will not be tolerated, so where do all the poor folk like me park and occasionally sleep while the monied individuals fulfill their part in the implementing of Canadian Democracy from their swanky digs at the Chateau Laurier?

Those in the private sector are the key to begin the end of the public sector disgrace that has reached exponential incompetence. Now a bullet list of ideas to give the people the needed ammunition to gauge the terrain and inundate the target, Ottawa.

  • Ottawa must have thousands of liberty loving citizens ready to end apartheid and reign in freedom. Perhaps many of these citizens will allow vehicles to be parked on their premises, tents pitched, or be willing to support the cause in other means. Perhaps a colour coded paper or sign in a window can signify the actions willing to support the peaceful cause. No doubt a participator could even prosper by means of monetary gain to go along with the effort of attaining true/direct democracy.
  • As above, but those with industrial and other businesses, and acreages and farms. If the protest gets large enough, outlying lands will be needed to support the people. Private property will be the key to allow and sustain peaceful public protest.
  • Surely there are many companies willing to supply the need for outhouses, and again willing businesses or other property owners willing to supply the space.
  • When the protest gets large enough, there will be a need to ferry people back and forth from their shift at the front back to their lawfully stationed shelter to get some R&R before it is back to the frontlines. Shiftwork!
  • Keeping food in the belly will be a must to keep the energy up in order for enthusiastic protesting. Could be the food truck event of human history. Hopefully other organizations show up to feed the patriots, just as the white supremacist Sikh contingent did in negative thirty degree weather during the original Freedom Convoy.
  • Yes, a daily peaceful anti apartheid Freedom March should depart from parliament to the globalist puppet households of Just-him Truedope and Christ-a Slaveland. Half the crowd can hold the fort, the other half can bring the shame to the implementers of Canadian apartheid.
  • A  Public Address system and possibly a stage will be necessary for public speaking and entertainment purposes.
  • Clearly the government now considers peaceful patriotic protestors and hard working stiffs as terrorists and hate filled bigots, so one has to think about Canada’s globalist government shutting down the banking system, so as to put an end to the support of peace, love and a truly democratic society. Again, perhaps religious houses and other trust worthy entities such as the legion will step up in support of fiscal distribution. Do not forget about the Food Banks! Protestors will be from all walks of life.
  • These are Just some suggestions and necessities to lawfully engage in Canadians fundamental human right to peacefully protest and make change for the better. Let other Canadians come up with some other ideas and ingenuities so we can engage, adapt and advance the cause of again making Canada a free country, where the hard work and dedication to accomplish such a task is carried forward into the future for all to participate.

Beginning of the End

Canadians, the purpose and goal of the Canadian Spring is to get so many people peacefully protesting in Ottawa in defiance of the globalist treason that the Truedope, Slaveland and other complicit federal stooges have engaged in, that every authority in the country, along with the military will be powerless to overcome so much peace and love, so have no choice but to join the movement.

I will say it again, this is not about overthrowing the government, this is about getting true/direct democracy legislated into existence and the beginning of an intelligence based governing system, where every member of society will be objectively informed on many issues and allowed to vote in a participating, meaningful way, instead of choosing a pandering MP every few years that leads to a situation of having  moral prostitutes such as our current leadership, and those before Dumb and Dumber came to serve Klaus Schwab and the partners and stakeholders of his World Economic Forum.

Once Canada’s demented duo resign in absolute shame under pressure, or are lambasted into political oblivion through a no confidence exit, there will be new transparency legislation to protect the Canadian public from having their governance penetrated and placed in the hands of globalist, corporate or other non sovereign constructs.

The politicians role will change and a social contract to the people and country sovereignty will be followed. Those unwilling to take on the undertaking of growing true/direct democracy will be prevented from getting anywhere near a position that will come to represent honesty, decency and trust.

Other logical, intelligent, and wisdom extolling ideas, observations and dialogue will be brought into play in order build on and construct a societal framework where responsibility, and hard work are recognized as the path to prosperity for all, where importantly, the indigenous Canadians will play a pivotal role, allowing the self determination that seems to be unattainable under the past and current globalist federalist political construct that has haunted the world for much too long now.

I sure hope there are enough irate and fed up Canadians as the one writing this article.

Canada’s globalist construct has reached the point of freedom or tyranny. I have had enough apartheid to go with the tyranny and choose freedom, which is why I will be participating in the Canadian Spring. I sure hope that the millions, from whatever walk of life, who feel the way I do will do whatever it takes to meaningfully participate and make the change. A change that will be remembered in history for time eternal if Canadians so choose to undertake the hard work and escaping ones comfort zone for a greater cause into generations of the future.

If Canadians submit to total tyranny without the fight of our lives, then there is no point for me in wanting to be a Canadian anymore. Historically, Canadians are revered and correctly archived as being fierce fighters and obtaining insurmountable objectives in wars gone by, fought for immense powers at such times in history( we even sent George Washington scampering for his life). It is now time to fight for our lives against  immense powers that are attempting to eliminate Canadian’s freedom, liberty, and sovereignty. This is the one for the ages.

If my return from Ottawa is that of a no show from Canada’s needed volunteer army of peace and freedom, perhaps there is nothing more to say than, it seems to be necessary to liquidate my possession, purchase a sailboat and leave the land of the pathetically conquered, where a destination to the bottom of the ocean in my freedom craft would certainly be a better existence than living amongst cowards who caved without a fight to a pathetic sissy boy and a troll of proud Ukrainian Nazi heritage.

Fuck Apartheid!