RIP Stick On a Pig

Welcome to the throw away society. Pollution spewing, pre-packaged offshore Globalist products inundate the masses with hermetically sealed analogous turds stockpiled in the fouled big balks warehousing the centrally delivered, dullard knickknacks disgracing the thoroughly shelved existence of the paddywhacked populace at large now evermore yearning to sidestep the hideously homogenized, rabidly jingoistic assembly lined conveyors, only to be concisely checking-out vicariously via a credit based store of alternative handling borne of the resurgence of mom and pop sensibilities in what is most assuredly going to become the sail of the century from see to gloriously shining see upon the coming Event Horizon.

Pig sty at night, treason in sight. Pig sty in morning, treasonous take warning!

Talk About A Fledgling Nation

So here we precariously stand in sinking, by way of their vile and downtrodden rubbish-tip, waste deep in eyeball proportions, savingly bubbling of their incessantly crude drowned babbling, leaving but of the top of the heads, therefore the bottom of one’s heart & soul an upcoming annuity of a monumental 309.6 interval paid rightly in eventual full spherical encompassment of a 41,253 degreed eclipsing nature. T-minus ate years and counting…..

Time to suit up, or get ready to get that old proverbial boot up…the assumption of political & societal ignorance personified to continue in perpetuity. No way, uh uh, let the fashion show front run for some haute couture by way of the catwalk to ceremoniously spur on the needed rat-run in their soon to be vacated rubbish-tip harbouring a highly disposable Throw Away Society for their Dark Age of needed gaslighted passing. Renaissance: Refuse, Reduce, Re-cycle ♻︎.

For those who don’t get it, we are entering uncharted geographical location territory here. Every one of their (government captors) preconceived confines of one’s captivity is to be smashed asunder upon the counterfeited sub-straight substrate of the pretend democracy so plainly and decrepitly dangled in agonizing plain sight for surely anyone of basic foresight as to the uninformative deception so assaulting all senses of one’s basic defences.

Definitively not. Ain’t no antiquated systemic disgracism rendered from the odiously rotted, thoroughly sunken vestiges of a maniacal, genocidal, and inbred teutonic disorder of fertilizer worthy European monarchy and accompanying unelected aristocracy, by way of their treasonous, stringed instruments of Globalist felching political prostitutes going to be setting the framework much longer from the precariously deep grave of current resting place from whence an exploratory expedition and trailblazing contingent will so journey forth onward, out of the muck, to a renewed citizenry with the means of participating by proportions greater than that of choosing a pathological liar, moral whore, and treason emitting Globalist beholden scum every few years as the national debts roll infinitely to match their pilfered golden pensions, the tax burdens go from violent assault to homicidal treachery, the bodycount from endless wars rise to match their ESG investment portfolio; because hey, nothing quite says ethics like that of profiteering from dead bodies and destroyed lands for the plunder.

A See Saw of the Ages

Certainly the tipping point of decades gone debaucheries of stain has come and gone in what was agonizingly much more than a covid minute. Guilty as charged, unwell of all, welcome to their predestined unstoppable downfall. Crushed by way of their own incompetent ignorance, so they will on unaware of it being the documentation of their last rites; them and the cognitive captives harbouring delusions of grandeur in their red to never come by way of their planned anomalous societal confinement. Surely a foreshadow to those trapped in the darkness of their own depths of infantile non-perception. Warning: Time to find one’s place and start treading headlong when the coming forthwith collides with the force with, of which, has, of momentous apprentice delineated coursing, ratcheted up to cyclically gear down in obliterative landing experienced modelling. Where the many of everyone to be an anyone of destined importance has but granted the signified soared from the stoned accompanying the delineating linear chaff of fodders time.

Tipping point gone equates to current greasy slip n’ slide, culminating in eventual blowing out their self asphyxiated cadavers of hot-air-lock monopoly vacuum chambers destined for time and space of the current Throw Away Society museums of posterity for:

  • Constitutional monarchy’s.
  • Globalist run “sovereignty” dictating institutional behemoths.
  • National debts the world over that could never be paid off even if every penny from every person and entity was applied in order to attempt it.
  • Education systems modelled upon bottom of the barrel “equality” chicanery of which wisdom and logic were but words with no real meaning.
  • Voting consisting of, every few years, picking a defunct personality beholden to bribe doling special interest groups.
  • The course of societal action being dictated by the lowliest scourge of self-victims.
  • Societal “treatment” for degeneracy equating to spuriously encourage atrocious antisocial behaviour.
  • Those who believed in accountability, responsibility and common sense were judged to be a danger to society.
  • Justice consisted of a pat on the head and drug money for the habitual lowlife offender……

Imagine all that – some day one will have to, it won’t actually be running rife from see to lacklustre see.

Tick-tock, tick-tock. For all the younger readers, such tick-tocking is not spelled incorrectly, but indeed is an onomatopoeia for the sounds that a non-digital clock used to make, way back when ‘getting on the piss’ was synonymous with getting drunk, not a sexual fetish. Tick-tock was also a descriptive means of implying the passage of time. You know – time – where once, ponderingly, upon it, every spare second was not used to try and avoid such a concept by burying ones crossed eyes, and shortening attention span face-long into a digital mind-scrambling homogenization device, of which has seemingly even eradicated what could be a societal lifting pastime of contemplating one’s own navel. Tick-tock, tick-tock, surely something must be done before old farts such as myself begin shitting my pants anew and drooling crotch-long in involuntary old age, leaving void the necessary 37 synaptic connections needed for formative direct democracy whipping-post of crumbled old world disorder. Tick-tock, tick-tock. Note to self: infinite wisdom would dictate it is greater to be an old fart rather than a young piece of shit.

Seen as those Globalist pigs are well on their way to sinking their own plundering pirate vessel, of which a future extraneous bailing out will be futile due to massively implosive hulled destruction, of which a perturbable shat across their fat lady bow will assuredly invoke an accompanying armada of unquestionable sensibility patrolling of liberty to rule upon the high sees fully separated from the harbouring shallows of current geographical misformation. Tick-tock, tick-tock, shall we ponder some future possibilities for a rational and coherent society for when the Globalist scum lay at the rotted bottom of the sees? You know, that coming bygone era where European “royalty” have been reduced to performing fellatio upon themselves for basic sustenance. I said sustenance, not the sheer exhilaration they currently get from it now. Zing! In each others filthy mouths!

Ruled For We Not For Thee

In past articles regarding Direct Democracy, this ‘syllable denominator’ expounded on the likes of highly enforceable social contracts for those to win the privilege of representing their geographical location in the new esteemed manner. As well the notion of having a competency test incorporating character, philosophy, history, economics, intelligence, virtue, as well as other desirable positive understanding attributes for those eager to make a true patriotic difference of participatory effort. Also the need for honourable people from all walks of life to donate their time, services and ideas. As well, the need for conclave of highly competent, proven individuals to partake in conclave for ultimate engagement of pressing and important matters. Such being said, no doubt there are plenty of other proven aspects of society in general to be improved upon by rethinking, retooling, and literally torpedoing of current back-assward relics of antiquated shame somehow passing as a dystopian reality.

As such, the justice system, where in proactive foresight the education system should certainly be rearranged to prepare those who end up so CHOOSING to become degenerate lowlifes that there will be a price to pay for harming people and others property; where certainly in the future the perpetrator will not have more rights than those they choose to victimize; nor will drug addiction, supposed past abuse, or bogus self-victimizing deceit such as “systemic racism” be taken into account for a scumbag incapable of making a basic life elevating choice. Certainly even a semi-rational society would agree that violent, prolific, and horrific offenders need to be dealt with in serious manner. What would happen if a 95% majority in a direct democracy took the directive of Cementing the Future?

While on the justice system, it sure seems evident that, at least, European monarchy and the vestiges thereof will be swept from this earth in a tidal wave of common sense and needed progressive advancement, which indubitably will have a massive beneficial psychological effect upon the populace at large. With such happening, “royalty’s” subliminal mind rotting permeations will be ultimately removed, and as noted above will be looked on in horror and disbelief by future generations in Throw Away Society museums of educational awareness so as to not regress into such backward designs of power structure. For those who do not know, the prosecution in Canada is actually called the Crown, as is the possessor of Canada entirely in its constitutional monarchy. Try to enjoy the little time you have left you filthy murderous Crown! Question is, will King Charles the Turd come and choose to die and end the British Crown forever on Canadian soil? Go fuck yourself Chuck!

Sanity Awaits

Yes, society’s transmogrified slide into would-worm inverted bottom of the barrel shattered oblivion will be halted. Globalist governments and their hulking masses of kleptocratic institutional debauchery have become so disgustingly corrupt, inept, morally and monetarily bankrupt, where certainly their authoritarian leading into totalitarian dystopia of planned digital slave systems of Central Bank Digital Currencies, Social Credit Scores, internet sanitization, controlled “news” narratives, and never-ending false agendas and continual lies will carry on until that one day when nature decides that it won’t. It is called evolution, this one to be of the rapid decompression variety, where at this very moment there is already a new governing life form hiding in the barren landscape of current retarded obtuseness, and once it rears its head firmly attached to its sturdy shoulders by way of a healthy body and the legs to carry afar into a newly fertilized field, everywhere afoul is going to want to change their tight spots for a newly patterned encompassment by means of there having been a demonstration of how to fully escape the snare trap confines todays charlatans and clueless dupes irrational believe, by sheer ignorance, as to actually be “living” within something called democracy. Tick-tock, tick-tock, these will be some interesting years to come. Truly we have all been littered evermore by way of a genuine Throw Away Society. Just wait and see, from see to voted see.

Nah, I’m not sure this article pissed off enough of the right people for Vancouver gasoline prices to rise by double digit increments overnight.