Endlessly Re-Deuced

Once again he dug one dimensionally into his shallow bag of tricks in order to linearly shuffle about in search of a meaningful existence able to be flashed believably to the dwindling snake oil consumers of servility adorning the shoddy, undermined ramparts of an all too tattered cloak of invincibility thoroughly worn threadbare in fecaloid stained fashion to say the least, by words endlessly stitched of the hackneyed generational tailors hemming in the freedom of ease by way of thoroughly spun yarns patterned upon the dying, sanity wicking, one-way, stifling, unbreathable fabric of a clearly handed down to the point of uninhabitable, louse-riddled, ready for the incinerator, vagrant donning societal over-coat of filth covering a heavily raked societal body of morbidly obtuse encompassment.

And, just like his petty, infected shill of a personality, crippled intelligence, childish mannerisms, lack of understanding, and sewer dwelling sensibilities, said aforementioned douchebag’s flat lined bag of tricks is as suitably inhospitable as his unmistakably annihilated and thoroughly proven waste of atoms guided entire existence so as to be harbouring nothing other than a one track, one dimensional inhabiting of puppeted narcissistic nothingness constantly fooling those of the mass fertilizer cloacal clique themselves. Drip, drip, drip.

Adopted Son of a Cuckold – Carrying a One Dimensional Bag of Tricks

Systemic disgracism indeed. Forget about the straggled omnipresent LGBTQ-DICS, clearly the LIMPY-KOCS are running roughshod over society. That is: Losers, Imbeciles, Morons and Pretentious Yokels Keenly Overwhelming Competent Society. Clearly, anybody with an actual life has been engaging within as the flood-like self melted puddles ooze society over in agonizingly drowning couture of dressed three legged woman inclusivity begetting genital clambering pointedly superseding true societal advancing qualifications of merit. As for the DICS, make up your own acronym. Of course some may argue correctly that the DICS are quite literally KOCS rebranded as thorough marks. Generationally speaking that is.

Endlessly Con-Deuced to Treachery

It could be almost anybody politically. And in Cana-duh, if it were not a “Liberal” it would surely have been a “Conservative.” They are mostly all the same after all. Defunct personalities void of self respect, self worth or true moral compass, while unashamedly filled with pathetic platitudinous pandering infilled with simultaneous what about them-isms to deflect the graft of existence they so greasily wallow as they chamber into personal coffers of Globalist splendour sponsorship. Book deals, speaking fees, offshore numbered bank accounts….

It is again time to alphabetically slay Cana-duh’s decency impaired, feminist, deviant, treasonous, Globalist gerbil-boy drama queen known as Just-him Truedope. Hypothetically that is. After all, it is not like if “he” stood before me I would punch him in the gut so hard that King Charles the Turd’s “royal” cloacal excretions of yesteryear would familiarly, in regurgitative spillage, remoisten “his” Globalist pleasing orifice. Nor, while the Truedope was keeled over in abject pain would I grab him by his stiletto enhanced ankles and swing him at full velocity so as for his vastly cavernous skull to explode on impact as it so ceremoniously, harmoniously and pleasingly met the corner of a well placed brick/cement/stone wall, in doing so, releasing “his” true computational lacking, pudding filled substrate all too pathetically supporting the immature persona that never managed to exceed the mental age of a 14 year boy.

Ah heck, but then Klaus’ double fisting stroke off Globalist throne troll Chrystia Slaveland would be in “command.” How does the old saying go? In for a penny, in for a pound!? Who would want a filthy pound note anyways, it is about to be plastered with the likeness of England’s “royal” seat sniffing mongoloid of hemophile diseased sausage finger existence. Mama and Papa did share a gene pool after all! Scrambling those ancestral eggs to fertilize a “royal” familial familiar omelette.

Current See of 7.62 Currency

Chuck’s Baby Picture – Note the Sausage Fingers Since Birth

He Grew Into Such a Handsome Bloke




Speaking of Up-Chuck the 13th (gerbil storage capacity) disgracing England’s pound notes of looming release. Surely it must be an integral part of the Globalists ultimate plan of eliminating cash and trapping English society within a digital currency control system including social credit scores and geographical boundaries if one is not a servile obedient slave to Globalist government diktat.

After all, who would want to carry pictures of such a hideous, pedophile enabling, climate terrorism pushing, genocidal pride exuding, and all round degenerate dwelling within a tiny in mental stature nothingness magnified only for worthy praise on behalf of the fertilizer class of European aristocracy and the lowlier classless asses of one dimensional linear descents of “royally” raped diminutive mental midgets heaping glory upon a truly defunct, antiquated, ice cold deteriorating turd. I am guessing if one were to roll up a new pound note in order to snort some form of dummy dust (cocaine….) that the substance would disappear before it reached ones nostril. Gin and baby blood satisfy not, Chuck wants it all, including what’s left of your freedom.

“I just got a new vintage, Ukrainian toddler blend 2022 – Sanguinarily superior in consistency and color. No more legs on this one! I’ll let you uncork it!”

Well, good riddance to genocidal maniacs, slavery profiteers, Globalist drug dealers, and cho-mo circled buffoons disgracing Canada’s  twenty dollar polymer currency note and accompanying metallic coinage. After all, that old hag Elizabeth the second-coming of Lucifer has gone on to double fist the devil in her first home and ultimate geographical location of Hell – the Globalist’s paradise.

And what kind of beholden, sickly, Globalist serving, behind the times effeminate puppet could not gaze half a degree into the future and see that not only is the writing on the wall for European “royalty” and aristocracy, but so will be their blood and brain matter for that fact. A real pudding splashing indeed! Josep Borrel’s precious “garden” does need fertilizer after all, not to mention a good mulching, after the aerating roto-killer cleansing and planted a-newness of basic sensibilities that is.

I mean really, who could be so ignorantly foolish and out of touch with the general feelings and clear reality of around 60% of Canadians wishes of not even wanting to recognizing the all consuming, antiquated, black-gerbil-hole that is Charles the Turd? It takes a special kind of bought and paid for political moron to flout the majority of the entire country, does it not? High bribes and miss-demeanour herself!

Just-him Truedope Practicing for Up-Chucks “Royal” Ascension In Order to Assume His Position In Globalist Lore

The Truedope’s and Throne Troll posse’s decision to leave the entirety of the Canadian populace out of the inconsequential, yet invigoratingly nation-building decision as to who, or what should adorn Canada’s newnotes and coinage that accompany the daily activity of citizens from coast to coast to coast is a clear indication of what he and his Globalist handlers truly think of us, the filthy serfs, who are to be bled taxingly in a thoroughly imploded financial abyss and obey the pathetic jurisdiction of egregious nonsensibility disguised as a logical form of ruling over us filthy serfs.

Where in fact to again disgrace Canada’s (England’s, Australia’s…….) currency supply with another fugly face of the head of the, when logically boiled down, largest terrorist organization (Crown) to ever exist in human history is nothing other than the continued phycological tactic and assault on the general populace at large in accordance with normalizing genocide, egregious taxation, obedience to an inhospitable lawless gang and accompanying power structure designed to limit the ultimate participation of those that it claims to have been designed to serve. Topsy turvy upside down world we live. Heil the Nazi’s, er, oops, “royals.” One and the same.

Imagine having a mind so weak and culturally indoctrinated that, it, unable to ponder logical questioning as to the rationalizing of pure evil as something to be looked up to, respected and revered far outstrips the childish nonsensibilities of the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy. Not to mention the ultimate matching in ignorance fools who so claim to have escaped the clutches of “royal” existence, yet engage in the thoroughly condoned and greedily sponsored “royal” well-wishes of sowing discord within society so as to cause havoc, misery, graft, and other pathetic malevolent behaviour in order to foster and spread abject dislocation in society for petty monetary gains by means of peddling drugs to the weak and vulnerable, or spray painting closeted cryptic homosexual graffiti all over town. True servants of the Crown indeed, more so than those prim and proper thousand yard stare, glazed over pudding reflective flag wavers of antiquity hitherto Chuck’s gerbiled existence with the Queen Consort, Cruella de Vil.

Welcome to Globalist “democracy” people. Where one has a “choice” of less than a handful of Globalist beholden pathological liars to choose from every few years, then that is the end of it. Shut up and obey while the West rapes the globe through debt enslavement foreign and domestic, indoctrinates the populace through it’s propaganda/education/entertainment system with climate terrorism, a thoroughly demeaning and homogenizing cultural indoctrinating “education” system, and now ceaseless genital diplomacy to name some of their favourite societal schism schemes.

It is not a new playbook. Thousands of years it has been played out. Round and round we go – bread and circuses to “welfare” cheques and reality tv. “Keep em dumb while we steal everything in existence” is the Aristocracy motto. Heck, “English” monarchs and their familial porking brethren have been inbreeding themselves for a thousand plus years of inbred debauchery through sexual & Globalist scheming, while being responsible for the deaths of well over a hundred million souls along the way.

Sovereign nations truly exist not in the West, and what is happening in Ukraine is a prime example of supposed “sovereign” countries kissing that filthy genocidal ring of which still all blood trails a trickle back to those Nazi creating “Windsors,” and accompanying Clown Crown enablers, of which have offshored the main death machine factory to south of the 49th parallel to allow the fully infiltrated three letter agencies supreme and Congressional and Executive slop dwelling pig sty to treasonously partake semi-commanded in the oh so murderous and thievery competent “royal” Empire Du Jour of which is right about at that mark of Thousand Year Reich of which that “royal” henchman Adolph Hitler and his other genetically feeble Nazi high command (‘royal”) collaborators loved to oh so brag about as they ceaselessly murdered, stole from, then incinerated the poor souls that far exceeded any worth of any Nazi or living “royal” to this very day.

Oh Cana-duh! Where the Neo-Nazi supporting federal government of Just-him Truedope and his bloodthirsty pudding brained cabinet of diversified, though thoroughly incompetent buffoons have sent close to 4 BILLION dollars in aid to support one of the most corrupt countries in the world, all the while securing Cana-duh’s role in WWIII, and meanwhile many Indigenous reservation still slog it out without having access to a clean and safe water supply. Now there is “democracy” for you – swallow that genital diplomacy and life will be great! Think not for yourself! Their future depends on it.

Well, it is a long weekend in Cana-duh, where Monday is the holiday – Victoria Day to be exact. You know, to celebrate the legacy of an inbred genocidal psychopath of blood stained hands supreme. It sits so well in my books that I texted a friend earlier to give him my heartfelt emotions about Cana-duh’s civic holiday: “I am taking Friday off too to celebrate that fugly, inbred, horse fu@#ing bitch Queen Victoria!”

All European “Royalty” Except the Netherlands Can Trace Their Roots Back to This Literal Throne Troll.

Well, at least one now knows where the term ‘Blind Drunk’ came from. One would surely have to be in order to attempt Queen V. I am guessing they kept her in the barn during those “royal” get togethers. We all know it was just a matter of time before the barn raids commenced!

You know, sometimes I lay awake at night just wondering how long it took King Charles the Turd to realize that it was not possible for himself to get pregnant when he was a young man? Or is he still on the birth control pill?