Driving Miss Dazey

I had been there before on many occasions. Déjà vu, no, actuality, yes, Going places. Pretty much my entire adult life actually. From one geographical location to another, and there have been more than a few, that is for sure. I want more, I’ll take it! Freelance wandering. Spanning many years and differing aqueous transiting engineering devices bridging the gaps of arterial thruways. To and fro, venturing out to bring it in. Self sufficiency, ahhh. GPS – pfft, damn sissies. Analog analogous equals map book sensibilities. Just another skill after all. Occasionally that high road, before that turkey went cold.

Back to the future, which has now become a thing of the past, though only in a weekly fashion or so. Donning those carpentry pants. Like I said, I had been there before, on many occasions. The good old days. Well, maybe not that good, as year negative three AC (After Covid) it did be, though certainly the sight and stench of the municipal waste dimensional simmering turd was recently passable without having the shat out self-victimizing parasitic infections suckling the government full of intellectually naked tits guilty of bleeding the nourishingly healthy formative societal body dry. Fiscally and morally spent. Welcome to Western bankruptcy!

Yeah, I had been there before alright, just a few months ago it was a hotel. Imagine that, productive and adventurous people of an alternate geographical location, producing something of value on home turf and then taking their sense of exploratory enthusiasm and rewards of their hard earned money so they can spend it productively in another city, in possibly an entertaining manner, where by doing so, in return, it funds and keeps that positive feedback loop of an actually sustainable economy functioning. Not to mention the staving off of that societal permeating excremental rot of grandiose snowballing sleaziness we so effluently freewheel downhill. The depths of our debt. Monetarily is just scratching the debased surface of the hollowed out anomalous core.

Communism might actually be an endearing term to the anathema that our current flop of ‘academic’ bleeding fart political vacuous minds have framed for a further torching of logic. Hell, at least a communist captive was forced to work for a living. Welcome to Dumbunism – if you build it they will come, endlessly, they will never cease. Serfdom dreams, Kraft Dinner wishes, and meth pipe sensibilities. Good ol’ “free living.” Foolish suckers – parasitical leaches to be exact.

Yeah, I had been there before. Groundhog Day, longitudinally and latitudinally to the second, on the 60 or so minute homeward commute through megacity main thoroughfare madness of longly oft travelled directness. That Kingsway (gerbil and genocide free – for me anyways). About halfway home I used to see hotel patrons coming and going, after all, it used to be one, a hotel, remember? I do. Remember anything else? Perhaps common sense and even semi-wise choices, the combination might lead one somewhere of basic understanding and semi-decency. Choices, the more positive and obvious ones that are made, the easier life becomes to navigate, not to mention make sense of it all – life that is. Consequences – hmm, there used to be those pesky critters too. Bad choices used to lead to them. What an uncivilized time in history that was! So un-woke, yet sleeping at the wheel on a crash course was met with brick wall societal reception. Decency, it is not even found in museums these days.

No, I had never been there before. An early twenty something year old female (heck, a few years ago I would have said ‘woman’ – crazy, I know,) smoking government subsidized methamphetamine on the front steps of what used to be a hotel, surrounded by four other work ready, other than the meth smoking, males (possible non birthing persons) of easily competent job holding abilities. Imagine that, a circular economy now transformed into government sponsored meth pipe sensibilities in a “homeless” subsidized freeloader warehousing vend-o-matic. Insert the money and watch the consumption of common sense be shat right in one’s face.  Dumbunism. How progressive! Certainly only a racist, sexist, transphobic, bigoted, evil ‘capitalist’ could find such antisocial construct to be repugnant, no? Topsy-turvy crazy downside-up world indeed.

Well, maybe I jump to conclusions too soon? After all, miss meth-pipe and her four cohorts could have just been a’ smoking that crystal as a warm up before each going back to their respective, tax dollar thieved, Pop Tart, Froot Loop, KD, and junkie favourite, candy sugar-fest eating of four course meal, including supersize Slurpee potable dessert routine before settling in for the early afternoon to mathematically solve the unsolved mysteries of quantum physics quandary? Sure seems like a good possibility, no? Remember, in Topsy-turvy crazy downside-up world anything is possible.

I mean, it is not like one or more of the “homeless” twenty something working-able males could have been a “homeless” housing subsidized drug dealer who had just fronted miss meth a sizeable crystal sac so she could focus her way through her daily prostitution regime of which allows for her to make some extra dough for those times when cocaine and fentanyl sensibilities are preferred. Those government drug subsidy payments are just not big enough to indulge in the tripartite dummy-dust monthly melange you know.

Surely the methed-out quintuple work-bypass operation was not going to go back inside to have a massive sword fight orgy? They could have been spray painter gay painters after all. There is a rumour going around that our provincial government hands out abortion club cards to possible birthing people – buy 7 abortions, get the 8th one free! Ah, who am I kidding, they are all free. No limits. What do you think I pay taxes for? Kind of a relief though, no? Think of all the white trash being taken off our streets. And trust me, one does not have to be caucasian in order to be white trash, though majority trash definitely rules supreme in that aspect of the Great White North ratio. Surely though, it is easily attainable with any second generation + Canadian – just add lack of dignity, and voilà. Cultural indoctrination. Put that in your metaphorical meth pipe and smoke it. Geez, now that was a sobering statement that just offended anyone who truly can’t think for themselves. A Crowning achievement. Serfs up. Systemic disgracism.

Putting the TNT in Tenement

Yeah, yeah, I get it. The government Band-Aid that is covering the self inflicted hemorrhaging fatal arterial deepening societal mutilating cause to the current housing affect. Besides, what buffoon could not have forecast that artificially depressing interest rates for years on end and allowing any schmuck without citizenship or residency to gobble up homes at will would lead to a speculative housing and renovation boom and subsequent home value and rent explosion reaction to ignorant government action. But hey, they got their precious immediate gratification tax injection. Now society must literally endlessly pay for accelerating government incompetence. And flagrant junkie-backed monkey antisocial FTW disgustingness too.

Surely it is a societies moral obligation to help those that are truly in need, and I am not picking on the majority of those receiving government assistance in whatever form (that is for another day), as wrong or right as it may be, depending upon individual circumstances. Heck, if I actually lived in a democracy I might surely vote for a portion of my much less of a tax burden to willingly go to helping those in their time of need. Depending upon the stipulations that is.

Rational social contracts are thousands of words unto themselves though, and certainly not the refusing to work while rotting one’s mind with endless stupefying narcotic foolery, making endless atrocious life choices, choosing to pitch a tent in a park in order to collectively bleed the rest of society in multi dimensional leaching including, morally, spiritually and monetarily to name a few ly’s, in order to attain “free” government supplied drug dens belongs nowhere in rational thought, let alone action. Yet government primes the charge in the ammo dump of cowardice.

Truly, why has this “homeless” problem only gotten many fold worse since government began to limitlessly “help” these given up before a minimum effort “homeless” ne’er-do-well reached their needed inflection point? Not only has the British Columbia government spent well into the billions of dollars on hotels to create their dystopian Dumbunist dementia dwelling debacle, they are beginning to construct portables to warehouse said ne’er-dow-ells all over the province, in doing so rewarding, encouraging and funding meth and other open drug use for anyone to witness as they pass by, and in neighbourhoods that never had such an anomalous unsightly scourge in the past.

Perhaps it is time for every virtue signalling bleeding-heart advocating for this government stupidity to be forced to take one of these slippery slinks into their own homes just to show society how much they truly care. Or maybe come to the conclusion that rewarding someone for hiding behind an addiction, engaging in all encompassing antisocial behaviour, outright criminal activity, and refusing to work because “life is too hard” is not a viable thought, let alone action to be even considered, let alone tax payer sponsored. Government has truly created a monster to which there is no escape other than revolutionary sensibilities to come into play. Why does the government cure metastasize the societal disease? Is Cementing the Future? Politically speaking.

Full Eclipse

In all reality, I come to think of the many Mexican and other Central American migrants that I have worked on the same job sites over the past few years. Truly great, honourable, and hardworking people without question, who, will get up two hours early in order to get to work by any means necessary, and are rarely to never late for work, don’t complain, and are completely lacking of the pathetic self entitlement that seems to infect and permeate those second generation + Canadian citizen white trash of various ethnic representation. Mind slaves indeed.

Many of the hispanic workers I speak of are not here on legal working means and are quite often exploited by work-pimps skimming wages. Yet they all keep on and carry on in positive life affirming fashion, they all find places to live, put food on their and their children’s tables if they are so blessed, manage to play tourist in the city and country they now dwell, and many even send some remittance back home for family. Heck, they even find time and hard earned money for beer and the likes, and some, on occasion, cocaine too. I know because I have been told. It is interesting and enlightening to speak with and learn the stories of people with culture. Even sometimes in the little English that is known.

Shining Those Political Cement Shoo’s

Say, instead of sending these pathetic Dumbunist ne’er-do-wells to the bottom of the nearest available body of water, why not buy them a one way plane ticket to any country that does not tolerate pathetic antisocial shenanigans, let alone reward and reinforce the behaviour. They would learn the reality of life in no time flat. Hell, why not send them to Ukraine. Just give them a pocket full of meth and tell them that free mansions, and celebrity status lay just across the open field where the cocaine firing artillery shoot ounce baggies into bikini clad pool parties further to the east, and the first one to arrive gets a lifetime supply of Sour Patch Kids, supersize Slurpees, and hot dogs with cheese whiz.

Christ, the new Zelensky youth would be in Moscow by sundown, just in time to shoot up some Krokodil. NATO countries, you are going about it all wrong you see. If you want Russia to economically collapse or overthrow their leadership, all you have to do is transport all Western social, economic, moral, governmental, and educational policies to Russia. It would be a guaranteed failed state in no time fast. Just look in the reflection of the one way mirror, before the defenestration comes to bare the naked truth.

You know what, this is it. CR gives up, I have enough of paying damn near 50 percent in taxes on the money I go out and bust my non-birthing person balls for. Time to throw in the towel on my hard work/moral compass/decency/common sense/logical/responsibility/accountability addiction that I have spent my entire adult life focusing my energy and attention on.

Clearly my addicting intake of logical behaviour has not benefitted society, other than helping it transform into a trod upon shattered meth pipe of ne’er-do-well defenestration-worthy politicians and gloating lowlife scumbag playground of complete and utter ignorance.

Time to join the club and get a few new addictions of my own. I am recruiting for likeminded people of complete situational awareness. And if the circles I travel are an indication of how the bulk of society feels when it comes to the patheticalness that government has enabled the dregs to metastasize out of their own idiotic cowardliness actions, we should have no problem pressuring these mind-wiped losers dwelling in parliamentary shit holes the country over.

Tomorrow we quit our jobs and engage in the self destructive slide into hardcore gambling, sex, food, and last but not least misery addictions. Then when our mortgages, rents, bills and other payments are overdue due and we are forced with eviction, the thousands of us pitch tents on the provincial legislatures, city halls and front and backyards of every scrambled mind political hack inhabiting any position whatsoever, and do not back down until we force all of the millionaires and billionaires to pay for our life debilitating addictions that will leave us “homeless” and unable to stuff food, genitals, and monetary instruments into the necessary orifices for immediate self gratification unless we are provided with a daily casino chip ration, buffet tickets and hotel room attached to said addiction trifecta of what could only be sensible dwelling.

David Eby, you are a fucking coward and pathetic human being being whose actions are surely speeding up the decline and downfall of civilization in BC’s geographical location. You really think you will be collecting a lifetime pension for the quagmire of shit emanating from your braindead policies?