Stewed forth from antiquity.


This recipe is undoubtedly affordable gourmet, unequivocally thought up with loving care in order to nourishingly feed humanity’s hunger as to what a truly extravagant dish of homegrown organic ingredients produced in backyard geographical location plots raised by the hard working, hands-on retinue consisting of a local cooperative community growth raised tract in order to foster the absolute necessity for the elimination of *GMO products/byproducts out of the essential formational upbringing of a healthy mind, body & soul, in kind, passing to posterity the knowledge base for continued skilled preparation of a fine epicure taste well into the future.

Though being a believer in not letting anything go to waste, this recipe is leftover friendly, and designed thoughtfully to allow humanity’s pantry’s and cold storage areas to fully clean out the whole shebang of wrongfully, calorically empty conglomeration of *GMO processed ingredients, to date, shoddily manufactured upon a production line health hazard running intently upon the greasy *GMO abattoir shipping purposefully assembled in order for an eternal pink-slime receiving to be force-fed terminally in cancerous sickness. Commie pink-slime.

Depending upon the number of chefs, prep cooks, and those willing to put in a prerequisite of hard-working honesty, advanced effort in foraging for greatness, and the ultimate effective ability for the stewed vegetables need to peel their own tempered idiocy, this recipe will nourishingly feed anywhere from 500 MILLION to 8 BILLION people. It could very well be a global cook-off; or is that Globalist cook-off? Bon appetite.

*GMO is short for Globalist Manufacturing Overlords. If one is not entirely sure of who/what Globalist Manufacturing Overlords consist of, please read ONE of my previous articles on the subject entitled: Ejecta Perfecta for a few documented examples.


  • An irate and fed up populace of cognizant citizens.
  • The entire shallow dwelling, Globalist bottom-feeding contingent of parliaments, senates, congress, plenums and other redundant government offices typically made up of politicians, bureaucrats, and other fake “representative” leaches responsible for laying down the current trail of slime emanating out the backside of “democracy’s” viciously assaulting broadside.
  • One debt based Globalist model financial system of governance designed in antiquity and let loose moronically at the hands of aforementioned ingredient of inept and unqualified politicians, bureaucrats and accompanying clueless dupes, where at the top of the turd pile perch the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.
  • European “royalty,” hollow-scene fossilized aristocracy, and of course oligarchically obscene over-steppers.
  • The shameful political correctness, educational and “entertainment” model based upon stupidity, vindictiveness, bottom of the sludge barrel existence, hyper-sexualizing children, lobotomy sensibilities, reverse racism, Systemic Disgracism, genital glorification, lack of responsibility and accountability, pussyfooting, demonizing of family values, government altruism…….mooo from the front yard!
  • A “justice” system that gives more rights to the perpetrators over that of the victims; seasoned in the bitter spices of lib-tard judiciary stewed minds and puréed containment vessel.

  • Welfare/Dumbunist states, the world over, that have erroneously marinated our current melee of stealing from the hard-working in order to further abuse those on the government dime who choose to sit on their ass in abject nothingness, do/sell drugs, watch tv endlessly, espouse the fully taught poor-me self-victim regime of systemic disgracism spewed forth via state of mind mind of state chunder bucket capturing of those claiming to be suffering from individualism.
  • *GMO  Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) of the Empire du Jour; including American Gestapo Corporation, Crown, and Throne Troll triumvirate dispersed globally under the guise of spreading “democracy,” “humanitarian” initiatives, and other half-baked concoctions such as contributing to freedom and health regimes; along the thoroughly blurred lines the like of USAID demonocracy. Let us not forget whipped into a genocidal frenzy National Endowment for Democracy deserting of rational behaviour. Add any other Globalist cesspit NGO’s of your discovery.
  • True individuals of integrity, dignity, composure, intelligence, dignity, outside the box thinking, virtue, volunteerism, stoic existence, dignity, dynamic thinking, devoid of bleeding heart syndrome, dignity, wisdom infused, unbroken moral compass, dignity, and social contract signatories to name some necessary attributes.
  • Constitution of decency & heaping helping of direct democracy.


1) For years, leading up to the commencement of said recipe, take the irate and fed up populace of cognizantly aware citizens in the geographical location surrounding them, and subject endlessly in a drowning dousing via a thick & lumpy Globalist government excremental demi-glace consisting of incompetence, treason, lies, mismanagement, Globalist wars, and COVID tyranny. Continue pulverizing said mercilessly tenderized “citizens” even further with logic defying Globalist government debt regimes, stealing annually, thousands of much needed dollars straight from the belly of the now demonized family unit having taken back seat to endlessly advertising what type of genetalia that the stewed vegetable drivers of society want to advertise as not only wanting to do with said innie/outie, but what types of genitals they are putting on Santa’s Wish List in order to share with children. Now thoroughly shake populace with double digit inflation numbers and pour out onto any substrate and roll firmly into a downtrodden mass of kinetic absoluteness. Let stand – then watch the leavening begin. Societal Oven will immediately heat to over 1200 degrees.

Popular Vote of the Future

2) Have the cognizant citizenry, including citizen militias, military and police forces round up the totality of shameful “representatives” known as politicians and redundant bureaucrats. Immediately turn former government legislatures into massive play ball-pits so as to finally allow serious things to transpire within former government locations.

Without delay, so as to not let spoil any further, defenestrate every last fully expired leftover vacuous mind out of at least a four story building. For extraordinarily treasonous scum; take them straight to the meat grinder – feet first. Let the filth marinate in their own Globalist clot-shot coagulated blood. Do not refrigerate, take the chunks, puddles & awful offal of the now rendered, but exuding more intelligence than when holding positions of power, straight to the pre-dug pits with bulldozers keenly awaiting the true societal coverup. Sprinkle with one ton of lime per 100kg of the now self levelling slurry of human filth before bulldozer backfilling.

The great part about this step is that it immediately trims the fat of every undeserved salary, pension and ridiculous expense account currently thieved from hard working citizens. Billions of dollars in egregious liabilities – Poof! Thin air. Think of the CO2 elimination virtue signalling they can grandstand on as they arrive in Lucifer’s domain to accompany Hitler, George Bush Senior and every “royal” to ever have existed.

RPM Redlining – Revolutions Per Mandate

3) Cast the dragnet upon the insulated shell-dwelling bottom feeder European “royalty,” accompanying vortex of aristocratic leaches, World Economic Forum creepy-crawly crab sufferers, remaining contingent of thinking to be above politics oligarchic mess of gelatinously gooey semi-lifeforms, and the pervertedly glowing glue substrate of the Deep State rogue American Gestapo Corporation and Throne Troll accompaniment designed to adhere the architecture of world oppression so perversely hypnotized and aggrandized to the unthinking mass. Just to be safe, in the dragnet include any of those within 3 dimensions of connectivity to the quadripartite circle-jerk obscenity. The odd innocent catch is not a worry.

Once the above forms of protein have been brought aboard the vessel from the depths of their darkened debauchery, immediately shuck the “royal” slobs from their daisy chain existence, where immediate dismemberment of their hypnotizing pocket siphon is required. It is best to wear welding goggles as doing so, though only for the reason that years of conniving inbreeding has left them unable to be looked at without immediate gag reflex as to uncontrollably vomit, hence giving them a chance to scurry over the gunnel and fornicate the world asunder, as they have evolved the ability to impregnate themselves through self-fellatio insemination techniques. (It is a freakish retractable proboscis, not in any way shape or form of substantive gonads).

Without delay, decapitate by any means the entirety of the genocidal insani-totalitarian of humanity rotting rancid meat on deck waiting to further infect the planet by any scheming ploy imaginable. Immediately eviscerate entirety of corpses into waiting wood chippers and blast the purée straight into the sea. Not to worry, once such confounding evil has been cleansingly cubic-centimetered it is no longer a danger; even to feeding sea creatures.

Self Imposed Proboscis Severing

4) Once the above 3 steps have been taken, it virtually takes care of the highly discernible and dystopian triple-speak topsy-turvy downside up world buffet that has been smoke and mirrored into existence for many decades leading into centuries, of which all generations, having being fully born into, deceptively swallowing the entirety of the still yet inescapable confines that have been irrevocably tattooed in their cultural indoctrination of falsified fantasy living synaptic purgatory pudding of dwelling netherworld everywhere will be running hungry to dine-n-gash decency; in which case, not to panic, there will be a Pair a’ Dice Paradise waiting for these utopian scramble dwellers. They are called “liberal” stomping grounds. Stomping decency, accountability, rational rationale and other positive society forming necessities into subterranean dirty-thought factories to be shunned and ultimately condemned for the “regressive” designated treason of the clarifying thoughts and ideals they so longingly produce outside of that stewed vegetable existence. Ding-a-lings, ding-a-lings – They are served!

Something Sweet

Well, with that done and over with, it is time to dessert the madness.

Political parties, uh uh, no more human waste. No, not in a direct democracy teeming in merit, common sense, wisdom, logic, accountability, responsibility, dignity, fiduciary competence…..Remember, the stewed vegetable now dwell in their Pair a’ Dice Paradise concentration campout of zero focus or dignity; their cannibalized existence is a rabbit-hole starvation, so the liberated, rational society has given up on genital diplomacy, junkie glorification, Globalist agenda, endless propaganda, communist equality nonsense….and left the tempered stewed vegetables to their own self destructive devices of mentally ill vices.

Those who qualify for positions of serving importance in whatever fitting geographical location will be bound by a code of virtue and highly enforceable social contract to match and be kept in alignment with checks and balances for the limited time that they win the privilege to serve the entirety of their neighbourhood/town/city/province/state/province/territory/country/international representation, once their name has been drawn by way of lottery after having fulfilled the competency test void of multiple choice, but is teeming with philosophical, economic, logic, general knowledge, diplomacy, critical thinking, moral compass, historical and free-thinking perspectives.

It will be a test that cannot be gamed, there will be no testing from home, and certainly a wealth of knowledge by means of a virtuous lifelong learning and living regime based upon responsibility, accountability and logic will take over for the soon to be torpedoed moral prostitution, bribe ridden cesspools, treasonous (by every party) representation, warmongering, pension hankering, hobnobbing slob-fest, “book deal” millionaires, lie saturated drivel, and government houses full of deviant personalities acting in sub-childish blame games, mindless bickering, question evasion, and pathetic poop-slinging.  Goodbye golden pensions, egregious salaries, incompetent judiciaries, lifetime politician/bureaucrat gravy trains.

Von Der-Lying Around in Globalist Circle-Jerk Gravy Trains

No, we the people will not be forced to choose a pathological liar and beholden fool every few years or so, as such positions will be qualifyingly filled by those of merit as we slog from the depths of suffocating despair somehow passing as reality. Yes, we the people will be allowed to vote on substantive issues such as crime/judiciary reform; who, or more importantly what should grace the national currencies that will become guaranteed by law so as to guarantee a right to privacy & liberty – therefore dignity. A conclave of proven competent national representatives will qualify, in voluntary necessity for issues of extreme national importance/security issues the like of military actions, natural disasters, International diplomacy, and economic emergencies.

Surely the education system will elevate itself from lowest common denominator sensibilities, gender confusion techniques, equality of anything other than human rights, caucasian demonization, fabricated historical nonsense, and will begin incorporating logic and wisdom over subjective analysis. And surely trips to indoctrination past museums will become regular school curriculum, where centuries of past crimes brought forth by European “royalty,” aristocracy, oligarchy, Gestapo Corporations Incorporated and Throne Troll accomplices will be on display for posterity to never allow the creeps to creep back into a Globalist infection. I for one cannot wait to take a gander at king Charles the Turd and his entire European “royalty” contingent, including posterity, stuffed forth in taxidermic destiny.

Yum-yum. Geez, that is one heck of a recipe. Don’t know about you, but I am most certainly ready to hook-up with that cook-up. It is going to be downright delicious. I can smell it already.