Fascist Co. Inc. a’ Dinks?

One hundred million and counting, backwards, into looking evermore forward to the front lying casualty stretchers baring the wait of the spinning whirled to be carried forth longingly via a treacherous routing into coaled storage intently packaged in pilings subterraneously buried upon a consumptive footing heeling such open-pitfalls into conveyorized tailings unclarifyingly stockpiled for future incinerated gaslighting illuminating the lowlight highlighting a torched encompassment befalling continued inclination into retrograded dumping grounds.

Dollarwise, sentiently-stupid, a cheapness in the err. Definitively found out to be lost within. Damaged goods polarizing intact bad’s. Dragging the murky, polluted waters into the mind, master baited, grappling hooked. Cranial envelopment, encephalitis lethargica, right into the sandman creviced devices. Said psychological warfare is now on welfare. $100 million dollars and counting; such hideous inflation feeding emaciation well past self-destruction of degenerate conviction incapable of needed pointed inflection. Old dogs, new Trix – a nourishment-free rabid rainbow rabbit starvation whole. Fascist creepy crawly prizing contained within their boxed expiration confinement. An act of desperation.

It is officially official at the throttling hands of Canadian government officials in but another step back from free market forces directing the path of what should be kaput entities now receiving fascist welfare funding from FOOGLE, a corporate behemoth seemingly to be borne and pervertedly breathe in the inbred CIA intelligence arm of the Military Industrial Complex body not so subtly molesting the world victim entirety. So as the relevance and need for shoddy, faltering products from inferior producers tailspin headlong into irrelevance, the government of Cana-duh decrees that a Globalist Military Industrial Corporation must pay the strung out incompetence junkies to inject their nursed and doctored insensibilities into an unwilling audience to have already tooned-out from such garish cartoon networking.

And for the government of Cana-duh’s next brilliant act they will be legislating that all corporations producing energy efficient technologies, whether appliances, lightbulbs, or automobiles will be forced to give hundreds of billions of dollars to junkyards and recycling depots in order to refurbish the old antiquated products for restocking in order to force consumers into a government supported initiative of raising further carbon-tax revenues from those foolish enough to have been mandated to live with an unwanted inferior product. Not to worry though, for efficiency measures, the elevated carbon-tax will just be summarily added to all yearly income tax obligations in order to get the carbon-tax project implemented in expedient manner. One can expect the carbon-tax initiative to be curtailed in the short time after one kicks the bucket, upon paying the 15% carbon-tax exit fee for shamelessly dying, whereupon a subsequent 92.5% carbon-tax will be implemented upon the remaining estate so as send the message than one should neither have any children, nor dare to die, where in so doing, aggressively depleting government coffers of necessary revenue spending such as a $130,000 clothing allowance for the slovenly “royal” representation of the literal inbred Nazi rulers of Cana-duh. And yes, Cana-duh was all too enthusiastic about letting in tens of thousands of Nazi’s, including known war criminals, into the country after World War Two. Sieg heil the monarchy!

Fecunditatem Horto

And in other news, news that should actually be reported and implemented that is, we go back to old timey newsreels to a golden age of sorts. Sorting people out to be precise, of which seemingly seems to be good advice to cleanup the political degeneracy running uncontrollably rampant of the vagrant deviant inhabitants of parliaments and political decadence miasmically filling other legislative chamber-pots the world asunder and a’ blunder in ceaseless, unenviable political chunder. Let’s make voting fun again, bring some new meaning to the term of term limit, if you will. Call it a terminal offering.

Bring on the decimation! On second thoughts let’s make that a capital D – Decimation!, for a one in ten reverence of defunct personality severance. Writhing for the tithing, the chosen one, the shortest straw for the blighted crop, enter the thresh, hold the implement, fertilize the  field of grainy personality. Retro nostalgia, wha’s old is new again, how fashionable indeed. Oh, to clothe the Decimation in fitting political attire, that would be something to make existing political systems worthy of following. Though something tells me that the West’s political theatres would be without actors if Decimation enforcement came to be. Imagine that, if every time such pathetically defunct mind-rots bickered like immature snivelling children as they do today in chamber, or emitted a fabricated uttering while supposedly representing the people, the Reaper of the House sounded his officiating trumpet and forced the lot of short straw drawing to commence.

Well, now that the chamber-pots have been met with an equalizing force of natural selection lottery, surely it is time to take the beholden bribery out of the dingy, dimly lit political theatre of sticky floor topographical assessment. A prime example in the not so wayback machine: Just-him Truedope and his SNC Lavalin debauchery of World Economic Forum Tangling. Reaper of the House, sound that trumpet! Time to go solo for the so-low, as soon he will hit cock bottom in dogged accompaniment of literal poop-slinging monkey encompassment, of slippery snake dwelling. Splashed in the decadent surrounding so deserved.

3, 2, 1, action. Enter the Roman tradition of poena cullei, or, the punishment of the sack, reworked for the modern political sad-sacks of pathological flatulence. Such a fitting experience for the ages indeed, that tailoring would enter a great resurgence period of the 21st century Renaissance. Who needs drawing and quartering when there is poena cullei? In recorded history, poena cullei began in Rome around 100 BC, of which the convicted was sewn into a sack and then thrown either into a river, or deep body of water and left to drown while pondering upon whatever one ponders while drowning in a sack. Though it was Emperor Hadrian, in the second century AD who cunningly perfected the execution method by adding to the oxhide sack, a dog, a viper, a monkey, and a cockerel to heighten the terror for the sad-sack envelopment before being hurled into the awaiting liquid resting place. Really, one must praise Hadrian for perfecting (?) such a hydrological engineering technique.

Fortunately, like I mentioned above, society should be striving for a needed 21st century Renaissance, so clearly it is time to bring poena cullei into the technological age. It’s a no brainer, is it not? The poena cullei revamping that is, with 21st century PETA friendly ideals. Enter the drag-on:

  • firstly with all of the modern advancements in synthetic fabrics, the oxhide should be replaced with highly water repellent weaving that will guarantee at least one hour of buoyancy time so as to allow the needed reflection time for the condemned to panic in aghast terror and delight in abject scheming simultaneously.
  • Without saying, aforementioned water-wicking sack will be fitted with interior lighting and a few night vision cameras just incase the lighting fails prematurely. It is still a planned obsolescence world is it not. Hence the needed Renaissance. Video footage will be studied by the new wave of political scientists designed to study the final behaviours of political slime manifesting greasy political defunct personality disorder.
  • The harming of innocent animals shall be eradicated forthwith upon reimplementation of the 21st poena cullei, where in exchange for the antiquated dog, viper, cockerel, and monkey, society shall wait until there are at least two, but no more than three political offenders to be zipped into the reengineered water resistant sack. Having two or three political waste of atoms within the sack will be the downtrodden equivalent of encasing five filthy swine, thirteen venomous snakes, eight weasels, fifty seven rats, a bucket of worms, a cubic yard of maggots, a swimming pool of louse, and a cargo ship of leaches.
  • Inanimate objects will become mandatory to occupy the poena cullei voyage so deserved of a fitting send off. Items will include but will not be limited to: a handgun with one bullet; four, hundred gram fools gold ingots (pyrite unbeknownst to the occupier); eight non twist off bottles of nonalcoholic beer with the labels peeled off; one handheld barber’s mirror; three photographs of Queen Charles the Turd and Klaus Schwab caught in a compromising position (engaging in benevolent actions); the “royal” sceptre strap-on dildo of France; a copy of the deed of UKraine signed over to Satan himself with Zelensky’s chickenshit scratch on the dotted line; an Etch A Sketch; and a final bill owing for their carbon-tax cowardice implementation to name a few items to bemuse the wretched. Such should keep the deserving at odds with each other for the golden hour, depending on the struggle.

Lickspittle Incarceration

You ever hear something, while in unison, hearing something else that was not actually spoken, yet was perhaps dangled to repudiate insinuations angled of the machined cookery? A deeper sort of meaning than the one dimensional leaning, if you will, to find the way out from the base masonry bricked without mortar from which the wolves pray said needed attainable weanedness suckles not nourishingly upon multidimensional elevated connectivity. Fair in height of the temperature.

A few days ago Vancouver, BC broke another temperature record on a given day, of which one hears about happening so often. Well with all the “apocalyptic global warming” hyperventilated in logorrheic utterance by government terror organizations and the COVID class, end of times scientific consensus accuracy, surely Vancouver’s new temperature record must have surpassed one of just the past few years one must be thinking? Well, no the old record temperature was set in 1900 to be precise, as were many other records many decades in the making too.

Why, that is one hundred and twenty four years ago one must be thinking. It sure was. Well it was probably all of that CO2 emanating from all of those horses asses, as seemingly there could be no explanation other than singular, hysterically imbecilic CO2 blinded illogical conclusions could there? I mean, it is not like the universe and the earth within is a dynamic construct, and say, temperatures were significantly higher in ancient Egyptian and Roman times, and that that continental pile of sand called the Sahara Desert was actually a lush rainforest teeming with spectacular flora & fauna as little as 6000 years ago, if one wants to solely stay within the bounds of objective human civilization temperature and environmental fluctuations for facts.

And, why yes, the majority of the “dire global warming” that the fear peddling propaganda apparatus is clambering about happens, precisely, in cities, where, in unsurprising detail, the larger the city the larger the surface temperature increase. Go figure. Really, the only climate change serial killer on the loose is the ignorant, incompetent, illogical, and injurious murdering of sensibility via the club of zero requirements for membership. Dolts suffering from a Globalist incurred thinking process. Now, smell their finger!